A Paladin’s Update: New Facebook Page. You Can Now Like Me or Not. It’s Entirely Your Choice.



Yup, it’s a shameless plug post. 

I have created a Facebook page for A Paladin Without A Crusade. Why did it take more than five years to create said page? Because I really don’t like Facebook. I’ve aired my grievances about the social network multiple times over the years. But, I’m creating a page now because of a few reasons. Mainly because I don’t willingly friend every random person who sends an invite my way on my personal FB account. So, I’m making it to allow others the ability to follow the website without having to friend me. RSS, G+, Twitter, Steam and WordPress will still be supported.

So go ahead, click here: https://www.facebook.com/KingIsaacLinksr or click the like button to the left.

Social Media priorities:

  • Google+ remains my top priority. It’s still my favorite place to hang out.
  • Facebook is a lesser priority, I check in now and again and I’m no longer restricting A Paladin from the service.
  • Twitter: I’ve dropped my experiment to fix my Twitter feed. Basically, the platform’s numerous issues as a place to have a conversation make it an aggravation to use. I’m strictly going to use it to share links relevant to the website and my other projects. Nothing else.
  • Reddit. Working on making Reddit something of a priority in order to increase my website’s visibility. We’ll see how it works.
  • Other platforms: not at this time unless I get requests. Tumblr is the only one I’ve considered but I think the general format of my blog isn’t that great for the platform. (That format being really long and detailed posts which would be a stark contrast to the short/GIFy nature of Tumblr).

So, enjoy the ability to follow my reviews on Facebook. Don’t worry, this isn’t the only thing I’m posting today.

Thanks for supporting this project as always!


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