A Paladin’s Journey Through Steam: April 22, 2015. Hilarious Dating Simulators and Honest Developers.

Let's see...

Whole lotta Simulators and 4:3 resolution games this week…

This week has just taken weird to a new level.

There were a lot of games to go through today. I want to say about 40 titles in total. Skipping a Friday apparently has consequences heh.

This post is part of a series where I feature the most interesting new releases on Valve’s Steam store. With my first impressions commentary to go along with each. Learn more about this series at this blog post.

Side Note: SWR JST DX Selective Memory Erase Effect

I kid you not, that is the name of this game. It also features a 4:3 resolution in the trailer. Or at least, I think it’s 4:3.

Side Note: Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China

A weird mix of Trine 2 and Mark of the Ninja going on with this game. Everything from the 2.5D graphics, the art style and the gameplay mechanics. I mean, it’s definitely heavily inspired by those two games. It’s just…. It’s a bit of a weird turn for the Assassin’s Creed series to take. (Warning: 3rd party Ubisoft Uplay DRM included).

Feature: Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker

Comedy Dating Simulator for Windows and Mac.

Comedy Dating Simulator for Windows and Mac and Mobile.

Thought I’d start off the features with a bang. I have to laugh as I write this because this game is so ludicrous. It was one of those initial titles I’ll write off but then the trailer sells me. You get to “manage your own matchmaking agency with the guidance of your fabulous boss, drag queen diva Kitty Powers!”. Between that and the over the top graphic style on display, I’m just deeply amused by Kitty Powers. Good comedy games are hard to come by and this one looks to set itself apart from anything else that was released on Steam this past week. I have to feature this title, this doesn’t come around too often. Give the trailer a watch. I’m not going to talk about it because I think the trailer should be seen on its own. You know what? I’ll embed it here. Enjoy!

Mixed Feature: Battle of Empires: 1914-1918

RTS Title for Windows only.

RTS Title for Windows only.

You know what we don’t get all that often? WW1 RTS games. Usually if WW1 is featured, it’s more or less a side note to the events of WWII. This one, on the other hand, is an RTS featuring the events of WW1 only. With the goal of making it as realistic as possible. For those curious, multiplayer is restricted to co-op. Consider me intrigued by it. I find the trailers are ok, they don’t do the greatest job of trying to sell the game. I would also like to know a bit more detail on what units are included from the store page. Battle of Empires just recently left Early Access but it’s got plenty of positive Steam reviews.

Feature: Convoy

Tactical Roguelike-like for Windows and Mac.

Tactical Roguelike-like for Windows and Mac.

How has Convoy as a title not already been used in a videogame? Did we really make it this long without it ever being trademarked? Weird. Anyway, “Convoy is a tactical roguelike-like inspired by Mad Max and FTL in which you cross a wasteland in search of parts for your broken ship”. Add in pixel art, post apocalyptic setting and squad based vehicular combat and you’ve got a really nice setting for a game. It’s getting a decent amount of attention too. They couldn’t have picked a better timing to release with Mad Max’s sequel well on the way. I really like the concept of the vehicular combat they display in the trailer. Oh this is a title I need to get at some point. Between the vehicular combat, permadeath, exploration and randomized objectives it’s got a lot to like.

Mixed Feature: Paper Dungeons

Fantasy Board-Game for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Fantasy Board-Game for Windows, Mac and Linux.

I’m mixed featuring this game because of the honesty displayed by the developers and hopefully their commitment to finishing out the game. This is not an easy thing to do and obviously they still have to prove whether they’ll continue to patch it as stated. But indie development is rough and I sympathize with their troubles. I’m featuring it because I don’t feature when a dev owns up to their commitments and tries to do right by their customers. It’s too easy to go down the meltdown drama route. So, here’s hoping their game takes off. As for myself, I’m not sure what to think of it. I think it’s a title I’d have to play for myself before I got a better, less uncertain opinion of it.

Mixed Feature: ManaCollect

Minesweeper action/puzzle game for Windows only.

Minesweeper action/puzzle game for Windows only.

Yeah, you read that right. Minesweeper gameplay. You know, that game we play on Windows when we’re at work and can’t play anything else. So, someone took the idea, added abilities, anime characters, multiplayer (local co-op) and topped it off with a story campaign. It’s so crazy, it just might work. This is definitely not something I would have come up with though, I’d really like to give it a go.

Anti-Feature: Grave Prosperity: Redux- Part 1

Weird, bizarre and very indie title for Windows only.

Weird, bizarre and very indie title for Windows only. 2D action/horror.

Boy does this game have some conflicting levels of quality. What’s crazier is that this is only part one. I’ve seen a bit of the game through Jim Sterling’s channel. It’s got 90s CGI, pretty decent acting and creative monster design. But then it’s combined with one of the weirdest control schemes, iffy-to-bad combat systems, (the store page claims its intentionally difficult so I’d have to look and see), awful animations and questionable development practices. But then, it has multiple detailed and grotesque death scene animations of the main protagonist. I’m not sure what’s intentionally bad and what’s just, bad. The level of quality is just all over the place. I can’t make head or tail of why this game exists the way it does. It’s a strange $2 anomaly. With an even stranger website design.

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