A Paladin’s SMITE: A Scrub’s League Conquest Night Report. April 10th, 2015.

Not a screenshot of a game I played tonight. But I'm 99% positive this is one of my League games.

Not a screenshot of a game I played tonight. But I’m 99% positive this is one of my League games.

I usually do these post-game reports on G+ but I’m doing it here now so everyone can see it.

I’m not going to translate any of the SMITE/MOBA jargon below so your enjoyment may vary. This is just for enjoyment purposes and not chest beating. Ok, maybe just a little bit of chest beating. ;P

Today has been a good day and I made it better with a really great League Conquest night. Three game winning streak in League Conquest. Two Kukulkan Mid games and a Support Ares. No BM to be found either. But that’s not really surprising when you win I guess. Overall, I was doing rather well and feeling like I was contributing and not being a heel.

Ares Support: https://account.hirezstudios.com/smitegame/match-details.aspx?match=148352131

First game as Ares I wasn’t in that great a mood. I didn’t want to support tonight because I’m still really jaded about the role. But, I took the role without complaint. No reason to whine about it. Game started off reasonably enough. We smacked Geb right out of the lane. I rotated to mid and grabed camps, got greedy and very nearly paid for it when Poseidon used his ultimate on me. I only survived because I had used Bolster Defenses before the Kraken hit. We got first blood by killing their Hun Batz. It was a really strange match with Chaac constantly rotating out of solo to the duo/GF, as if he expected something to happen. He killed me another time over this but we killed him back hard. No idea what he was doing. Artemis was able to outbox Geb and Rama the entire game, a feat I’m not entirely sure how it happened.  Well, other than we fed her pretty darn hard and she came online early. I was hitting chains like crazy too which really helped give us kills. The game ended at 20mins when I think they realized we weren’t going to get any worse. And they were probably right.

1st Kukulkan Mid: https://account.hirezstudios.com/smitegame/match-details.aspx?match=148356321

Finally got what I had been hoping for. Kukulkan mid. To which some people expressed…”wtf”. It’s hilarious how underrated Kuku is right now considering he’s about as strong as Poseidon arguably. I think people focus way too much on the fact that Poseidon has a cripple on his pool and his Ultimate. But if Pos misses his ultimate (which the previous’ & next game’s Poseidon missed their ult a lot in team fights) his ability to fight falls off drastically. Compared to the artillery cannon who’s tornadoes rip through the battlefield regardless of a passive, well, I don’t get why he’s not higher valued. I didn’t get a ton of kills this game. I was being really conservative with his ultimate and just focused on outboxing Janus and keeping an eye on GF. I was surprised to outbox Janus for the majority of the game. It didn’t feel like he really knew how to handle his god and rarely rotated around the map, one of the biggest strengths Janus has. Speaking of keeping an eye on GF, I threw down a ward at one point of the game to find a little Artemis trying to solo it. We piled on top of them, killed her and a couple of other people and won the team fight out. Kudos to our Support Sobek who was really landing the pulls. Especially one on Artemis who landed between my Tornadoes and Hun Batz’s ultimate. She died very quickly. For the most part we were winning our lanes this game except our solo Loki who was having a tough time against Freya. But he still managed to be credit to team. Hun Batz went 13 kills. *shudder* and we finished the game out after we devastated them in a team fight at about 23mins.

2nd Kuku Mid: https://account.hirezstudios.com/smitegame/match-details.aspx?match=148360242

My last game as Kuku wasn’t that great at the beginning. I was executing my Ultimates extremely poorly, missing the broad side of barns, and Poseidon was bullying me around. The team had every right to get mad at me as I had 2nd picked Kukulkan and wasn’t performing. However, and thankfully, they didn’t. So, after messing up about 5-7 more times, I finally pulled my act together and really pulled off some impressive ults and plays. Our team really struggled in the early game as we got into way too many bad fights way too often. Even worse was our ADC was constantly DCing from the game, so they took full advantage of those times with a gold fury kill or two. But for whatever reason we focused up and outplayed them. Especially since their Sylvanus was constantly trying to start the GF or FG without most of his team in fights. I never really understood what the gameplan was there. Had one really long and odd fight where both teams were constantly starting and restarting the GF. We just couldn’t give it up. Went on for about 3 minutes I think until we finally secured it.

I’m still not sure how we pulled off the win when we had a Support Geb going 0-8-0 by mid game. >_<. He did finally quit being bad and went 0-10-10 by the end of it but between him being bad, me missing my abilities and our ADC being constantly DCed, well, it was amazing we survived. We finally got FG twice, pushed the lanes and executed the Titan. It was a really tense game and I made up for my really poor performance by…missing an ult on a Poseidon as we contested a second FG. Thankfully we killed him so that embarrassing miss wasn’t too bad. I helped by being a threat I suppose.


Dat +20 Tribute Points o_o. Too bad I was 92 tribute points before the game started >_<. I hope to win the next game so I can continue this promotion streak. So, I call it a night and decide to write this fun little post instead. Fun times in League. I can never really tell if I’m going to commit to it or just continue to be casual. I can have great nights like this or absolutely toxic-filled nights. I don’t mind losing, but I really do mind having to avoid toxic dumps. Oh well, I guess it’s a part of this genre right?

Thanks for reading as always! No schedule with this “series”, I’ll just post whenever I want to.


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