A Paladin’s Reflections On TeknoCratik Closing.



Just a quick post on the closing of my co-op project for TeknoCratik. A Podcast about technology.

My friend Dangelus just posted today that TeknoCratik is closing so I’m following suite. It wasn’t a long-lived nor the most popular thing I’ve ever done. (That remains A Paladin Without A Crusade by a mile). For his part, Dangelus is looking at doing different things that don’t include being a multimedia content producer. So, he’s shutting TeknoCratik and Out of Range (another podcast) down. For my part, I’m fine with the decision. After our last episode, we got busy with personal things going on in our lives. Eventually, I prioritized A Paladin and got it back on track. Got my life back on track. It wasn’t intentional that things got busy and TeknoCratik never got to be a priority but it happened. Nine months later with no podcasts made, and this was after multiple tries to keep the podcast releases consistent, it was probably a good call to try something else. And I hope we do something else together in the future. I’m glad we got to try something. For me it was an interesting experience trying to create and manage something entirely different from A Paladin Without A Crusade on the internet and try to make it successful.

I’ve backed up the podcast episodes and blog posts I’ve made for the project. It’s mostly for archival purposes as I probably won’t rehost the podcast episodes themselves. As for the blog posts, I’ve got about 25 pages worth of content sitting in a GDoc. Whether I rehost them or remake them is really up in the air. Half are mobile app reviews that are probably pointless. The other half are blog posts about building my current computer. As for what’s next, well, I’m not sure what I’ll do in regards to technology and discussing it. I’ll probably do the occasional blog post here but I’m mostly focused on gaming. But as for doing another podcast? I don’t know if I’ll do one. It’ll probably be another duo-project like TeknoCratik if I ever get to doing it. Oh and if you were one of the few that had the browser extension for the show installed, you should probably remove it as I won’t be updating it anymore.

Thanks to everyone that listened, shared and commented on our episodes. It was highly appreciated by both Dangelus and I. I hope you’ll stick around for our next endeavors! 

Until next time!


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