A Paladin’s Update: Response to the RTS Series Feedback I Received Last Week and The Current Plans For It.

A Paladin Without A Crusade

Thanks again to everyone who gave me feedback on the idea this past week. It was greatly appreciated.

Alright, here’s my thoughts/reply on the feedback given to me on the RTS series I polled on the past week.

Here’s the poll from G+ again:

The votes are clear that people want this to be a series. So, that was definitely a good thing to see. People seemed pretty divisive on whether it should be a written or video series but the wind was leaning towards a video series. After having some conversations about it, I’m pretty convinced I’ll make it a video series. For two main reasons: 1) Writing about a complex strategy game without making it a review would be extremely tricky to write out and may not grab people’s attention as much. 2) The video/audio of said game will be more useful to showing off the game. One feedback given was focusing on the journey and the feelings it invokes as I play it. Which isn’t a bad idea either. Here’s the plan:

  • It will be a YouTube series.
  • It will be lightly/heavily scripted. This part will definitely be subject to change as I work on it. But it will be a more-or-less serious look at whatever strategy game really has my attention at that time.
  • My idea right now is to have half the video on the journey I’ve taken to that point and the other half be an analytic look at balance, gameplay and etc.
  • It will take time to make.
  • Series will be, at most, semi-monthly but possibly monthly or every other month. This is heavily subject to demands on my time, how often I change strategy games and other unforeseeable things.
  • I’ll have to get assets such as:
    • Name – You wouldn’t believe how important this part is.
    • Art designed for the thumbnail/intro that is flexible for each game. I’m considering hiring an artist to do this.
    • Possibly new CPU? This will require testing to determine but I’m hoping I don’t need this. I mention it purely as a potential roadblock.
    • Determine average length of each video. I have a feeling that aiming for 10 minutes will be the optimal length for each video but again, will have to sit down and work on it to be sure.

It will take a decent amount of time to get this all assembled and figured out. It would be the first “edited” video series I’ve ever worked on. With a script and everything which is not something I’ve done before. I do want to get the Let’s Play series rolling that I’ve had planned for several months before I start work on this one. I know LPs are a bit overdone right now which is why I’m no longer doing solo-LPs. My personality doesn’t work very well on my own (hint: I’m not very entertaining atm) but I’d like to keep trying the duo-series I’ve done with my other friends. Those seem to work out better. So, once I’ve got that series up and running, I’ll start work on the RTS/Strategy series. Boy that needs a name.

Thanks again for all the feedback. If you have anything you’d like to contribute, well, you’ve got an open comments section.


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