A Paladin’s Update: February 2015 In Summary

A Paladin Without A Crusade

Well then, another month has passed and it’s time to see where everything landed this past month. Welcome, to the month of February update.

The weather is being abnormal here in Oregon. It’s sunny, it’s dry and it’s reasonably warm. Compared to the Northeast US which is getting hammered by snow and blizzard conditions, it’s like I’m living in Hawaii. What is this? I don’t know. It’s confusing. Anyway, it’s Monday, the first Monday of March. I’m sitting here working on my blog and looking for work.

A Paladin Without A Crusade

I’m going to say that it’s been a really good month for the blog. I’m up to 72 reviews which is getting to where I was before I deleted a lot of my reviews last year. I published fourteen posts this month. Which is quite a few more than January, helped out by the new Browsing series I started. Stats wise, I’m equal with the month of January on views. Which, is impressive considering I had less days to get said views. I’m getting positive feedback in more ways than one on the progress being made for the site and that’s great.

Reviews Published:

A Paladin’s Browsing Series

Said browsing series is getting quite a bit of attention (and views for that matter). Which is very encouraging to see for such a new series. I’m going to continue publishing more posts because I like doing them and I think they’re doing more good than harm. I am contemplating changing the name though. But I’m otherwise very happy with the positive reception they’re receiving. Oh, I should mention for full disclosure: I got a full press key from the devs of Influent for this Browsing post I made on their game. Which is pretty cool as I haven’t been given a press key in a while.

Oh, I did mention last month I was going to do a new LP series and I still fully intend to. It just didn’t happen. This is why I should never promise dates, things never seem to happen if I do that >_<. But if the series doesn’t come back this month with even a single episode, well, I’m going to have to slap heads around. Seriously, been teasing this LP for months.

I’m considering a new series on the strategy games I’m currently playing. I have a wide range of RTS to turn-based Grand Strategy titles and play them regularly. The problem I’m seeing, however, is that I have very reviews on them compared to any other genre I play. There’s a variety of reasons for this but it mostly boils down to the genre requiring the most amount of time and effort out of me to make a review for them. And those that I have reviewed in the strategy genre are up for a complete overhaul as soon as I can get around to it.

So, the idea I’m playing with right now is to casually (but with reasonable effort) talk about the strategy game I’m playing right now. What my thoughts are on the balance of the game as well as how it feels, what I consider the time commitment to be and whatever else comes to mind. I’m considering a bi-monthly run. So, if you have any opinions to share: Here’s the Google+ poll or the comments below:

One last note on stats, my curation page hasn’t gotten any additional traction this past month. Not all that bothered by this stat when I consider how everything else is going, just wanted to mention it before I moved onto my side-business.

TLW Tech Services:

By far, one of the slowest month I’ve had to date. I got a decent amount of work done on the website I regularly maintain for the business, kericards.com, but I’ve had very little traction in getting new clients. It doesn’t help that I noticed in the paper I advertise to that someone new has shown up in my area. Someone I am not familiar with at all. It’s not welcome news, to be sure.

The problem I continue to face is advertising. Advertising my type of business is harder than ever without a store front or presence in the community. But, I’m hoping that now we’re past the two slowest months of the year, business will start picking up again. I just wish I could come up with a better advertising setup.

Other Personal Items:

A little while ago, I was editing my Steam profile when I noticed a rather interesting number on my profile.

Screenshot 2015-02-20 17.07.40

300 Steam games. Wow, that’s quite the achievement. Whether that’s a good or bad achievement depends upon your perspective. That 330 DLC owned, that’s the part that’s more crazy. (Way too many pointless DLCs I’m sure. I wonder how many of those are free). 72 Reviews and 170 games on my wishlist. Some crazy numbers to be sure. Let’s see, 300th game would have to be….oh right, Supreme Commander 2 from the currently running Humble Square Enix 2 Bundle. (I bought that bundle for Hitman Absolution. Cmon, that game is >probably< worth it at that low of a price). I am pretty amused by that though as I tried out the demo and didn’t like it much at all. Not sure I’ll give it another run.

Reopened my Flipboard account after leaving the service for a while. I mostly got tired of Flipboard’s lack of a desktop version a couple years ago and quit using it. But when they recently announced a web version, well, I’ve been giving it a try again. Why do I use Flipboard? Well, to keep up on news, but news that’s important to me. I’m always a bit skeptical when I use curation services. But so far, I’m liking all the changes they’ve done. I used to use Feedly, but, the whole keeping up on each site is taxing to me. And I always miss something important. The hope with using something like Flipboard is that I find the wheat from the chaff without it being overwhelming. The personality quirk I have on this issue is a bit insane :P.

My job search is slow but that’s hardly news to anyone. Heh. I did have a great interview with a college but unfortunately, I didn’t get hired. But it was close from what I gather and I interviewed very well. Both of which makes me feel good, that I can still interview well. It’s just getting that interview that seems to be the challenge right now. Not much more to say on this front.

Other thing I want to work on this month is being more sociable. I’m currently pretty bad on both the Social Media and in person fronts. I don’t really have any real solutions on how I’m going to fix this….but I’m going to be more….what’s the word…cognizant? Yea, that’s the word. Cognizant of opportunities to be social. We’ll see how that works out.

I had another case of the blues this month but they affected my blog work more than anything. Which is why I’m glad I had a bunch of reviews completed to avoid having a period of inactivity. I’m over it, again, so hopefully it stays the heck away this time. I’m holding up as best as I can. Thanks for the support everyone and thanks for reading this update.

Until next time!


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