A Paladin’s Browsing: Feb 25, 2015: There Came An Echo Among The DLC.

Want the theme of this week? It’s Disney games and more DLC than your bank account can handle. DLC packs galore. Just take a look at the gallery above and enjoy the insanity of it all.

This post is part of a series where I take a look at the most interesting games on the new releases list for Steam. You can find out more about it here.

Apologies to anyone that has OCD, that gallery of pictures might set yours off. Anyway, welcome back. Let’s get into the games this week, shall we?

Side Note: Disney Games.

Disney released a lot of games here recently and had a bunch of them on sale. A good chunk are 3rd person…action/adventure/puzzle games. The rest are platformers, RTSes or some other random genre. Most are pre 2010 and probably don’t hold up too well. I actually did have the (dis)pleasure of playing the Wall-E one. It wasn’t that great. But they probably aren’t the worst games you’ll ever play. I think that bar has been set very, very, very low now. Heck, these actually might be fun compared to what has been showing up on Steam lately. Sad. Also, this picture:

Seems legit

Seems legit


There Came An Echo - Windows Only.

There Came An Echo – Windows Only.

There Came An Echo

There’s been a glut of recent real-time/turn based isometric strategy games the past couple of years. Not that I’m complaining mind you but it’s hard to really sink any interest into any one particular game when you have such a breadth and width of them. And the same was about to be said for this particular title before I watched the trailer for this game.

Trailer Thoughts

Well, Voice Control. Voice control always seems (and usually is) gimmicky for the various reasons. Accents, different tones of voices, different ways we talk and other difficulties makes voice recognition software a complete nightmare to program for. After all, it’s not like we speak one standardized version of English. So, opening up that this is a game played entirely by voice control is already a bit worrying to me. This isn’t the first game to try using voice control entirely and the previous examples I’ve seen were…less than stellar.

The graphic style is excellent. I do see how the developers are cheating a bit with the way point system. Not a bad idea though but I could see that limiting the strategy aspect. *time progresses* Wil Wheaton?! Wow, they got Wil Wheaton to voice this? (Side note: I didn’t read the description of the game before I jumped into the trailer). I don’t recognize any of the other names but I probably would recognize faces if I looked them all up. Original OST by Big Giant Circles?! Wow, now you’ve really got my interests piqued. Damn, I hate being suckered by names but BGC rarely makes an album that I don’t love. Good trailer overall. A bit on the short side but it does give you a sense of the game.

I’m still not convinced that the voice control aspect isn’t a gimmick. I would have liked to have seen the trailer show off other people controlling them besides generic American dude. Then there’s the waypoints (the Bravo 1-5 spots) that I saw in the game. My guess is that the strategy isn’t all that deep if you don’t have a lot of control over where they can be placed. The lack of a demo doesn’t assuage my skepticism any either. The developer’s last game came out in 2011 so it’s been a while. The reviews are currently 72% positive and 28% negative which isn’t fantastic but isn’t the worst thing either. I’m adding it to the wishlist but this won’t be a must buy for a while as I have other titles I’d like to tackle before this one.

Side Note: Cold Contract

Wowsers dude, that UI is ridiculously messy. You can see three screenshots of it and wow…that is awful. Add in one of the most generic trailers I’ve seen yet and you’ll sell a total of…6 copies. (Estimated). This game is such a mess top to bottom I’m not sure how I’d begin helping it. It’s little surprise it’s got mixed reviews.

Side Note: Isbarah

Ever wanted to combine a difficult platformer and a difficult bullet-hell? No? Too bad, because Isbarah exists. Odd name aside, it’s got a colorful art style and what looks to be some really challenging levels. However, there is nooooooooooooo way I’m touching something that difficult with a 100m pole. No thanks, I don’t need an exercise in frustration. Still, thought I’d share it here to give others a look at it.

Side Note: Homeworld Remastered Collection

The remastered edition of Homeworld released this week and from what I’ve heard it’s a solid updating and enhancing to the two original Homeworld games. At the very least, we now have a legitimate way to buy this RTS game. I’m very interested in picking it up, which is not something I thought I’d say about any Gearbox game anytime soon. Go figure.

Alright, that’s it for today. Thanks for reading this series as always. Starting to get a schedule in my mind for this series, leaning towards a Wednesday/Friday weekly release at this point.


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