A Paladin’s Browsing: Feb 20, 2015: Edutainment and Building Ships.

It's days like today that I'm glad I have a computer with 16GB of RAM.

It’s days like today that I’m glad I have a computer with 16GB of RAM.

The theme of the week seems to be war, ship sailing and empires. Not sure what that says about Steam but there you go.

This post is part of a series where I take a look at the most interesting games on the new releases list for Steam. You can find out more about it hereLet’s just get started, there’s quite a few things to talk about today.

Side Note: HassleHeart

Hey Devs, I don’t think you’re allowed to say: “Hassleheart is an amazing arcade game about a…“. That A: Doesn’t tell us anything about the game and B: Makes you sound a bit full of yourselves. Not to mention, could you set you up for some nasty hostile responses if people don’t find the game particularly amazing. I’d suggest editing amazing out with something like 2D or pixelart or…something along that line.

Fruits Inc. Deluxe Pack for Windows only.

Fruits Inc. Deluxe Pack for Windows only.

Fruits Inc: Deluxe Pack

You never know what you’ll find on Steam but sometimes I wonder why casual games encourage the laziness out of developers. It surely can’t be hard to make a casual game like Fruits Inc. It surely can’t be hard to make a decent trailer so that you don’t scare off any potential customers with what look like terrible graphics. When in reality, it’s probably just poor YouTube compression and a terrible resolution used.

Trailer Thoughts:

The first trailer for this game is amazing in that it shows absolutely no gameplay or relevant information about the game itself. I’m not sure why they would do that but they did. Good on ya guys. *heavy sarcasm* Second trailer is definitely better but I can’t ignore the small resolution used or the lack of coherance at display in this trailer. It’s three minutes (way too long for a casual game) of random sections of gameplay slapped together in an attempt to give you an idea of what the game is about. But it fails so hard at its job.

It won’t surprise anyone that this was a mobile made game recently ported over to PC. The developers have shown that hand long ago. They make little effort at trying to sell this to Steam and do the bare minimum required. It should be of little surprise that it only had a few buyers. But then, I suppose Big Fish will sell the majority of their copies anyway.

Side Note: European Ship Simulator

Oh good, this is exactly what the world needed. Another simulator game. Well, if you’ve been wanting to captain a really slow luxury cruise liner over nothing but tons of open ocean, here’s your chance! Though to be fair, it’d be the perfect game to listen to podcasts with.

Side Note: Frozen Cortex

The creators of Frozen Synapse, the turn-based tactical game, have unleased their latest game Cortex in full. I got this gifted to me but have been avoiding it until they finished it up. Now that it’s finished, I’ll give it a whirl here soon. I’m mostly intrigued about the soundtrack though as I truly enjoy the music _ensnare_ creates.

Side Note: Afterfall Reconquest Episode 1

You may or may not recognize this game or the developers but their original game, Afterfall Insanity, was one of the first Greenlight games to be published to Steam. And one of the first to get a lot of unfortunate reviews. It’s interesting that it took them 2+ years to make a sort of sequel to the original after how mixed the reviews were. It’s got positive reviews so far but we’ll see how long that lasts. Not particularly interested in this series, just the history its had.

Reassembly for Windows, Mac and Linux

Reassembly for Windows, Mac and Linux


It’s a top down spaceship building and universe exploration game that reminds me a bit of SPAZ, a bit of Gratuitious Space Battles (with it, you know, not being boring) and the SHMUPy combat of The Last Federation. This one intrigues me. Lots of flashy special effects, the ability to build and customize your ships on the go really intrigues me. The graphic style is also a bit out there, you don’t see it being done this well. Trailer is good and to the point to boot. I’m going to add this one to wishlist, I am deeply intrigued now.

Side Note: The Book of Unwritten Tales 2

Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeky trailer. Very very cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeky trailer for this one. I like their spunk though. Wish I actually liked point and click adventures more.


Edutainment games always catch my eye because I think our interactive medium has the greatest capability to educate others. Though, the best we’ve managed are typing games and morality games. Ok and strategy, simulations, etc and so forth but I’m referring to games that could be used in a classroom. When I was in High School, I had a dream of making an educational game(s) that were actually fun. Unfortunately, I’m a bad programmer. Or at least, a very slow learner at programming. So, that dream sits on a shelf. I still think about it every now and again, but a really good idea hasn’t come along. Is Influent one such good idea? I’m not certain.

Influent is a vocab teaching game, allowing you to learn words at your own pace in an interactive environment. It doesn’t teach you the language in all of its details so it does seem you have to learn a bit of the language in order to make the best use of it. But giving visuals to the words you’re learning seems like a good idea.

Trailer Thoughts

The trailer is full of cheek and humor as it parodies recent Kickstarter videos. But I’ll give them credit, it gives you a very good idea of what the game is about. Nicely done.

My main concern is all the language DLCs. The reviews are mostly positive but there’s a lot of comments about the quantity and/or quality. Still, I’m intrigued enough that I will look this one up later. I really like the idea and even if it falls short, I’m glad to see developers take on the educational genre seriously.

Side Note: Caribbean!

Don’t let the name dropping of Mount & Blade: Warband in the short description fool you. This is the same developer of Eador: Masters of the Broken World. A deeply flawed game that came in during the Greenlight hype to much anti-hype. The name dropping is definitely not appreciated. I’d give this game a wide berth.

Thanks for reading! If you have any feedback, please leave it so I can continue to improve this series.


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  1. Gee, the simulator sounds like it might make me hate podcasts if that’s all it is.

    Point and click used to be fun when it was also TTYB. I actually found a King’s Quest floppy while digging through old junk a few days or so ago.

    Reassembly looks interesting… but space games tend not to hold my attention for long. SPAZ and Operation:Innerspace being noteable exceptions.

    Thinking of Mount and Blade, I seem to remember Mount and Blade 2 being talked about. I’m gonna have to go check that out.

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