A Paladin’s Updated Steam Review: Thomas Was Alone. Caring for Squares and Rectangles.

Thomas Was Alone

Thomas Was Alone Updated Steam Review for Windows & Mac

Featuring an updated Steam review for Thomas Was Alone.

One of my worst initial reviews I ever made, I updated TWA to my now regular review style.  I feel a lot better about this one. Added in PC settings talk, fixed up the first and last paragraph to be a little more informational and generally fixed things up.

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A Paladin’s Steam Review: Thomas Was Alone. Caring for Squares and Rectangles.

  • Genre: 2D Story Platformer.
  • Developed & Published by: Bithell Games
  • Platform: Windows, Mac
  • Business Model: Base Game
  • Copy Purchased by Myself

Overall Gameplay Thoughts
Here’s another great indie platformer game where the characters are mere blocks. Blocks of different shapes, sizes and colors mind you, but blocks nonetheless. Narrated with a lovely British accent, it takes you on quite the adventure, following these colored blocks around to the point that you almost begin to think they were real characters. So, what I’m saying is that the story is very good. It’s quite impressive that it can make you care, even a little, about inanimate objects given human personifications.

Platforming Thoughts
That said, the platforming gameplay is all over the place. It varies from annoyingly challenging to ridiculously simple with each level feeling like it was put in a random order. The spikes are just odd to experience. I also found that switching between the 7 blocks got very tiresome towards the end. The game really drags itself down as you play towards the end compared to how quick the pace was early on.

PC Settings
I suggest using a controller for this title otherwise some of the difficulty spikes might be a bit too much. For PC settings, all you have are keybinding options, resolutions and a graphics quality slider in the pre-game launcher. The slider dictates whether you have AA or V-Sync. Set it to beautiful to get everything. All you can change in-game is music and sound options. Music is great I might add. I didn’t notice any optimization problems nor had any crashes.

Final Thoughts
It’s one of my favorites of 2013. Thomas was Alone is one of those platformers you should definitely check out. Full of character and charm, you can get a solid three hours of fun out of it. Something that I don’t get that often from platformers.

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