A Paladin’s Journey Through Steam: Then It Dies Down, Feb 16, 2015.

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After the 37 title spree last week, this week has, so far, proven to be rather quiet on the game releases front. I’ve only got one game to feature this post.

I guess I had funny timing when I started the series. That 37 title avalanche was rather overwhelming. This is a lot more manageable than I thought it would be. So, I’m just going to run this series whenever I find interesting games. I was contemplating a schedule but not anymore, not with how random it’s proving to be. So, let’s feature a game that caught my eye this week.

Side Note:

Total War: Attila released this week. It’s gotten noticeably less coverage than usual for this popular franchise. Maybe Rome II really axed it in the eyes of reviewers. Who knows. I haven’t personally played it and don’t have a lot of interest in doing so, as my ban on Sega still hasn’t lifted. But at least the reviews on Steam are positive…so far. Right? *shrugs* Well, the last thing the series needed was another bomb.

Hand of Fate for Windows, Mac & Linux. Recent Early Access Release.

Hand of Fate for Windows, Mac & Linux. Recent Early Access Release.

I did mention it was slow right? Well, it was because this is the only game of note I could find from the 15 or so titles released on Steam. Hand of Fate is a mix of an RPG and Card Game with a bit of rogue-like elements thrown in for good measure. My only concern is that they may have overfocused on graphics and card play and less on an enjoyable RPG combat system. Something that some of the Steam reviews seem to indicate is a problem. You can’t deny, it’s a really interesting blend of genres this title. Don’t think I’ll pick it up at any point unless there’s a lot of positive reviews from my sources. I tend to dislike card games, that’s why.

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