A Paladin’s Browsing: Over 37 Games Launched Since Last I Looked…

37 Titles. Geez.


37 Titles, 18 pieces of DLC launched on Steam since last I looked two days ago. We’re somehow supposed to keep track of this. No wonder Steam had launched the new recommendations service. It’s insane to keep up with it all. That said, I took a look through them and found some very interesting games. From ASCII graphics to an interesting type of RTS game.

This post is part of a series where I take a look at the most interesting games on the new releases list for Steam. You can find out more here.

Side note: I’m changing the name of this to “A Paladin’s Browsing” for simplicity’s sake and that Journey Through Gaming isn’t exactly…..clear on what the post is about. Still, I think I need something more descriptive. I’ll keep working at it.

Musclecar Online for Windows & Mac

Musclecar Online for Windows & Mac

Musclecar Online: Top down racing game….that’s apparently an MMO. Now I say apparently because in the profile picture, it then goes on to say: “top down multiplayer versus-ghost racing“. That generally doesn’t mean MMO. So I go to take a look at the website, that looks like it was designed in the late 90s, (seriously people, WordPress exists now. Use it.) to make sure it’s an actual multiplayer game. Its not an MMO, its a “social” ghost racing game. You race against other people’s ghosts. I’m…..not really sure why you would want that.

Usually when I want to race, it’s against other live human beings. Not their best races. Add in aged graphics, old UI, basic to almost non-existant music in the trailer and what we have is a pretty budget title. $6 isn’t asking a whole lot but even I still think that’s overpriced. There’s also an interesting quote on the steam page:

Every month, the final medals leaderboard is posted to our Facebook page, along with some custom analysis from our expert racing team. Then a new championship starts!

Expert racing team eh? I see. That aside, putting this game in the Massively Multiplayer genre is a bit of false advertising. From Dictionary.com defines MMOG as: “any online video game in which player interacts with a large number of other players”. As you aren’t actually interacting with any players, well, I think you see my problem here. Shouldn’t be any surprise that I’m skipping this one by. 

Tokyo School Life for Windows only.

Tokyo School Life for Windows only.

Tokyo School Life: This is one of those games where I watch the opening trailer and am really not sure how I should think or feel about this game. The song is really silly anime nonsense and so is the animation going on. It really explains little about the game and some of the lyrics are…quirky. The 2D animated sprites are a really nice touch, you don’t see those all that often in Anime Visual Novel games. Which now that I think about it, makes me wonder why we haven’t. Probably expenses. And at the very least it seems to be going for the cute story over BEWBS like so many of these recent AVN releases have been lately. The characters are voiced as well, in Japanese. Seems like a pretty interesting one. What the heck, I’ll add it to wishlist.

Quickie: Damned Nation Reborn

Take zombies, a weird Biblical quote from Zechariah 14:12 on the Steam page, an Indie budget and this is the early access game you get. If you need a visual look at this one, take a look at Jim Sterling’s video here (keep in mind that there is foul language and gratuitously bad developer decisions on display in this video). This game is, once again, setting a lower standard for zombie survival/action games on Steam. I think we’ll need to start digging a hole to hell to make that bar go any lower.

Offworld Trading Company - Early Access Game for Windows and Mac

Offworld Trading Company – Early Access Game for Windows and Mac

Offworld Trading Company – an economic futuristic RTS game. That one took me off guard. Economic RTS? That’s a very uncommon genre to venture into. Considering that Stardock Entertainment is the publisher, that puts a reasonable amount of faith in it not sucking. It’s also nice to see two things: 1) the price isn’t going to change after early access and 2) that they are giving the game the time needed to develop. It won’t be released until 2016 so I’ll hopefully give the game another look over then. That said, the features listed give it a good amount of potential.

Quickie: Hyphen.

Well, I have to give this game some amount of originality with its trailer. It’s not a First Person Horror game trying to scare the crap out of an easily scared YouTuber/Twitcher, attempting to make them scream obscenities. It’s just an intentionally difficult game trying to make YouTubers/Twitchers scream obscenities. Oh yeah, that’s definitely a different sort of experience. /sarcasm Even better? Make it the first trailer on your Steam page. >_>

Sanctuary RPG Black Edition - For Windows only.

Sanctuary RPG Black Edition – For Windows only.

Sanctuary RPG: Black Edition – Hate beautiful 3D RPGs? No, I mean, do you hate having pretty graphics to look at? Well, have I got the game for you! It’s an ASCII adventure turn-based dungeon crawler. It claims to be the first of its kind on Steam. However, I’m almost certain it isn’t. But I can’t find anything to contradict that claim, so, you win this round Black Shell Games.

That aside, I’m intrigued by the concept of this game…just not sure I’d want to play it. But my curiosity is getting the better of me so I’m adding it to the wishlist for later Demo download. Oh right, there’s a demo for this game. A very smart move by them as I definitely want to give this game a go before I put down $8 on it. I’m curious if this game does have a really good combat system and story to make up for its rather basic graphics. You guys got me. I’m intrigued. Really, really intrigued.

 Quickie: Shipwreck.

2D top down adventure game that gives me a very Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening vibe to it. I wish the trailer showed off more or that it had a demo or that it had way more information about itself. Even the “about the game” description is very barebones. A real shame.

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