A Paladin’s Journey Through Steam: You Can Never Have Enough DLC. Feb 11th, 2015

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Let’s go on an adventure, shall we? An adventure through the horrors of darkness. Through the darkness of the darkest oceans of Earth. Through the light of the skies. This is that and then some. This, is my journey through all of the latest Steam releases.

April 3rd, 2015 update.

This series is where I feature new releases I find most interesting on Valve’s Steam store. I take a look at their store page, play their trailers, read about their features and give a glancing look at the reviews created. If a game is interesting in some aspect, it’ll get featured here. Where then I’ll make my first impressions commentary. In 99.99% of all games feature, I won’t have played the game. I know that’s not always fair but as I don’t have unlimited time or resources to play every single game that gets released on Steam. This is the best I can do. You are welcome to leave feedback if there is something you’d like to see. 


  • I don’t look at old games. A lot of older games get dumped onto Steam and I’m not here to feature some publisher’s lazy upload of their catalog. I might talk about them dumping their games onto Steam but that’ll be it.
  • There is no minimum or maximum amount of games I have to feature per post. It may be as few as 1 or as many as 100. (Probably won’t ever get that high). 
  • A lot of games will still get skipped. Hundreds upon hundreds of games get posted to Steam every month. And I’m only here to feature the games I find personally interesting and by extension games you’ll find interesting. Plenty of games won’t get featured here that probably should. But as time is a limited resource, this can’t be helped. I do hope, though, to give games a spotlight they might not necessarily get otherwise.
  • What do “Featured, Mixed-Feature, Anti-Feature and Side Note” mean?
    • Featured means that I’m really excited/looking forward to playing the game at some point.
    • Mixed Feature means I’m not sure which way I feel about the game, but there’s something about it that I want to show anyway.
    • Anti-Feature: means that I’m not interested in playing the game at some point. But I’m displaying it for some reason. Probably to be sarcastic about it.
    • Side Note usually means that I have a quick comment to make about something on their store page. The paragraph won’t have any trailers or screenshots attached.
  • Update Finished. Back to the regular blog post.

What’s this post about? Well, I have a lot of ideas when it comes to my projects. One such idea sprang to mind after I posted on G+ (a lot) about games I stumble upon that are interesting for good or bad reasons. Why not convert it to blog form and actually make a reasonable judgement of the game? Maybe even give the game a bit of press. So, I decided to let my followers on G+ decide if this was going to become a thing or not. One said yes, the other two wanted examples. So, here’s an example of what I’m planning to do. I’m planning on doing future polls on ideas I come up with to gauge interest.

My plan is to give my honest opinion on each game from what I see on the Steam store page. It could be extremely snarky, it could be very sarcastic and it could be gushing. The title isn’t final but I kind of like it. I’m not sure how regularly I plan on posting for this series. I might do it every time I check the latest releases on Steam or do it weekly. Just a reminder: this series will not cover every game released, just the most interesting ones.

So, let’s get to it.

Steam and Metal for Windows Only.

Steam and Metal for Windows Only.

Oh gee, an indie SHMUP. I’ve never seen that before. Also, it’s PIXELART! STEAMPUNK. THINGS AND STUFF. Steampunk is not really that unique of a twist to the genre. I’ve seen plenty. Still, graphic style is pretty clear and colorful. $4.99 is also a smart price as the market is incredibly over-saturated with SHMUPS right now. This was released a few days ago though so it’s clearly not getting a lot of attention with only one helpful review and a couple of players.

Trailer Thoughts: 

The game’s trailer opening with a declaration of being pixelart is not the best move in my opinion. It comes off as a bit pretentious. Lots of enemies fly at you as well as bullets. Oh, don’t forget to “dodge the bullets”. Yeah, devs. We know what a SHMUP generally is. Also, did it really just say “Cry on Epic Story”? This is not a bad trailer. (I’ve seen much worse). It does give you an idea of what you’re going to see and fight. There are some generally interesting fights on display from the couple mins of footage you see. But the trailer’s script could use a complete overhaul. It feels like it was written by a highschooler.

Not bad, not bad. SHMUP isn’t my genre of interest right now though so I’m not adding it to the wishlist. But if it was, this would definitely be something I’d take a look at. You can see it here. Moving onto the next game.

Dark Forester, Early Access game for Windows

Dark Forester, Early Access game for Windows

Add an indie budget + MMO mechanics + RPG mechanics + God Game + RTS and this game is what you get. Considering the success god games and RTS games have been having lately, this doesn’t seem like the best combo, especially on an indie budget. It really doesn’t help the game’s case that it looks incredibly generic fantasy either. Also, the guy doesn’t use enough Underline font in his description about this game. There’s an entire paragraph he could have used it!!

Trailer Thoughts:

I really hope the interface is a work in progress. And the graphics. And the music. And everything else. Yeah, this is why I don’t like talking about Early Access games but I’m going to cover them in this series because there’s a lot of them released on Steam and I can’t just ignore 75% of the games due to that. Just don’t take this as a review series and we’ll be square.

2nd Trailer: Oh, it’s in Alpha. K. I can customize things and forests. I have no idea what max avatar level is about. “28 art of trees, (wat) 30+ forest decorations”. Yeah, nothing gets me excited about games like customizing forests. “10+ fantasy objects”….k. I know of small RPGs with more items than that. 40 “Secundary” skills. Is one of them spellchecking? Because I think that one’s busted. Wait a sec, is that a recording software overlay in the top right corner?! It is! Wow. This is professional work right here ladies and gentlemen. “Join Dark Forester”. K. I will (not) do that right now.

While making fun of early access games isn’t hard, I’ll admit, it’s rather amazing when even basic English spellchecking isn’t even checked in trailers. I think the developer is in over his head on this one. Mixing that many genres (and making it in 3D) is going to be tough for even the most accomplished developers on the planet. And you expect us to fork over $30. I don’t think so. Clicking Not Interested on this one. You can view it here.

Side note: Evolve came out Feb 9th, 2015. Most definitely waiting for reviews on it and so far most of them seem mixed at best. Generally its been: “its a good concept but it lacks variety and depth to make each playthrough unique”. Not a good start for 2K’s new DLC platform I mean FPS asymmetrical shooter.

Aerena - Masters Edition for Windows & Mac

Aerena – Masters Edition for Windows & Mac

I was going to skip this game by. Honest. It looked like a fairly generic game. But then, it claimed this: It’s a “New Kind of strategy game with intense turn-based combat” that is totally new and unique and tactful. From the Android platform. Yeah…not so much. Not only is the game really graphically dated but the mechanics look just as outdated. Sort of a psuedo-Final Fantasy element to the mechanics on a what looks like a boring 7×7 area. The trailer is hilariously over the top and trumpets itself way too much. It’s even more interesting when one of the reviews it listed on the page says this:

Regarded as a good game that was ultimately let down by its free-to-play model, Aerena – Clash of Champions was a game with a community that really wanted to be able to pay once and be done with it.” – gamewalkers

So, are you admitting that your business model is flawed and you’re going to change it? Apparently so, as the steam page goes on to talk about its business model change. (Oh and saying: ‘Pay once upfront and don´t get bothered with f2p mechanics and micro-transactions model’ can easily be summed up another way: PAY ONCE. It’s nothing new). I wonder if they actually did the same for the Android version because its nothing new to change your business model on the PC platform when porting from mobile. (From what I can tell of the GPlay page, they haven’t). Even despite its dodgy business model and origins, turn-based games like these aren’t in my interests so I don’t have any interest in looking at it further. You can see the game here.

Quickie: 3D Bridge Engineer:

Bwhahahaha, those terrible graphics and low bitrate musics in the trailer. Is this seriously an early access 2015 simulator game? I’m almost 99.99999% positive we have another game extremely similar to this one. Ah right, here it is. And another one. Who knew that simulating bridge construction was a thriving business in the game industry.

Alright, those are the interesting games I found from February 9th until this blog post released. Feedback on this series will be heavily appreciated as I continue to refine this into something that is both fun for me and entertaining for you.


P.S. You are still welcome to vote on the idea in the post below. I’ll have a new poll up later on when I think I’ve got a good handle on the series.

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