A Paladin’s Steam Sale: February 2015 Mystery Midweek Recommendations.

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Bit of a random midweek sale for me to take interest in, but hey, all the better for you. Here’s the top five games from the list you should consider getting as well as a bunch you should stay the heck away from.

  1. Alan Wake: An imperfect combat system (it gets old towards the end of the game) and aging graphics still make this a recommend from me. The atmosphere, setting and characters are rich in this game. It’s hard not to spooked yet charmed while exploring the small town of Bright Falls. You can read my review here.
    1. The expansion, American Nightmare is a pass from me. Its more action oriented that loses quite a bit of weight the original game had. It doesn’t help that you repeat the same three times over while listening to a campy villain give an uninteresting dialogue. You can read my review here.
  2. Gunpoint: Interesting little 2D stealth puzzle game. You can read my review of it here.TL;DR: Noir-styled stealth game that has a great arstyle and plenty of content to enjoy all while dodging and/or punching guards, security cameras and messing around with the wiring in the buildings.
  3. The Wolf Among Us: I recently gave this game a review and for all of its flaws and issues, enjoyed the heck out of it. The atmosphere & characters are great and TellTale is clearly starting to hit their stride with this game. Even if the bugs and occasional problems do some damage to the final product.
  4. Gone Home: I’m incredibly conflicted on this game. As my review and the subsequent comments on it will show. It’s also a fairly conflicted review from the perspective of other readers as it has a 50% helpful rating. So, I’m just going to let that review, the comments and the ratings speak for themselves.
  5. Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure: If old-school detective puzzle adventure games with FMVs are your thing, this is a game that you probably already got. Hah. Not personally having played it, I still like the idea of these old school games. That being said, this is a game that embraces and rejoices in its mid-90sness. For better or worse. So, keep that in mind.

Games you SHOULDN’T touch:

  • Home: Completely overrated “horror” pixelart 2D game. Extremely confusing story, full of undeserved pretentiousness that I found extremely annoying. You solve the murder that you apparently committed but that’s only if you can make any sense out of the game. Give it a complete pass, this is not a game worth a bit of your time.
  • Max Payne 3: WARNING: Uses DRM (Rockstar Social Club). While that DRM might not seem so bad to you, keep in mind that it made the game completely unplayable a couple months back when the servers went down.
  • L.A. Noire: Same reason as above. Uses Rockstar’s Social Club DRM. Main reason I haven’t played it myself.

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