A Paladin’s Steam Review: Without Within. Short Yet Personable AVN.

Without WithinLet’s review one of the shortest anime visual novels on Steam.

A Paladin’s Steam Review: Without Within. Short Yet Personable AVN.

  • Genre: Anime Visual Novel
  • Developed & Published by: InvertMouse
  • Platform: Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Business Model: Free.
  • Copy Purchased by Myself

Overall Gameplay Thoughts
This game is really short. I finished it in 20mins. When you finish a game that quickly, what is there to really to talk about? Well, other than it being an anime visual novel following a weekend in the life of a creator. No, it’s not the most exciting or interesting concept you’ve ever been presented with. The game was originally created for the fans of the artist’s original works and I came in not knowing anything about the creator or her work.

PC Settings
Included settings are basic with windowed/fullscreen mode, text reading speeds & language options. It runs, it doesn’t crash and I didn’t have any bugs crop up either. But with a game this short, I would certainly hope not. It’s not too bad.

Final Thoughts
Its a day in the life of a struggling creator. I will admit that it does speak to me because I’m in a very similar boat. Is it worth playing? I’m 50/50 on it but as this is free, well, hard to say no. I think it’s worth playing if you’re a content creator or struggling artist because I think you’ll sympathize with what the character is going through. I did take a look at the “bad” endings (I finished the game in one go on the good endings. It’s not hard to figure out which choices are “right” and “wrong”). The bad choices were rather humorous if slightly exaggerated.

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