A Paladin’s Update: January 2015 in Summary

A Paladin Without A Crusade

Hello and welcome to the first day of February. Let’s talk about January 2015.

There’s a Superbowl going on, the weather is the usual Oregon affair and everything is mostly kinda pretty good. I had mentioned about doing a end-of-the-year update this past month but I cancelled the post a few weeks later. I wasn’t sure I could really talk about 2014 without being overly negative or forgetting important details. So, instead, I’d rather do end of the month summaries. It’s mostly for my benefit, to remember what I’ve done and to encourage me to do better next month. And it may be good for you to read what I’ve been up to. Or it might not be, this might be the worst idea ever….You get to decide! You lucky people. I’ll be talking about A Paladin Without A Crusade, TLW Tech Services and myself. So, let’s get to it.

A Paladin Without A Crusade:

I am really happy with my progress this past month as far as reviews are concerned. I got four Steam reviews out this month and I’m really happy with them. Especially my Enslaved review. I’ve been debating what series is going to run alongside the reviews and this is the only one I’ve decided on. Additionally, I still need to fix the About Me page. Probably going to work on that next.

List and Links of Reviews Completed:

I’ve got 2.5-3 Steam reviews in the final touches stage. I don’t know when the next blog review will be out, I haven’t really selected a game for it. I’m also working on a non-Steam review so you might see that next month. I’m not really sure my review style works for this market but it’ll be interesting to see the results.

My Steam curator page now has 11 followers! I believe it hit that number a couple of weeks ago. I’ve posted 37 recommendations so far and I need to work on posting the remaining recommendations out of the 68 reviews completed. Oh and a quick side note: if you’re trying to friend request me with a lvl 0 Steam profile that’s hidden, I’m not going to accept it.

Bit of a spoiler, but my channel will hopefully be coming back this month. I’ve still got a certain Let’s Play that I advertised last year to do. A LP that never came to fruition for various reasons (many have to do with YouTube’s copyright system going insane).

TLW Tech Services:

Mostly its been getting the business back in advertisements that I had going before I went to work for Costco in the holiday season. I’ve had a few calls but its been predictably slow. I’m not really surprised, January is a dead month for everyone. I’m looking at expanding my advertising next month.


There’s not much to report on this month that doesn’t include TLW or A Paladin. I’ve had a few job interviews but they haven’t gone anywhere. I’m thinking of changing things up in February to see if I can get more traction. I’m being intentionally vague on purpose as I don’t like talking about my job search publicly. I remain conflicted on whether I should continue pushing TLW harder or pushing my job search harder. I’ve been talking with friends about it. It will be of little surprise that I’ve been rather down on my job search the past couple of weeks after one interview went bad. But I like to think I’ve gotten over this bout of self-depression. Fingers crossed!

I’m not going to say this is the best month ever but overall, I’m ok with how it turned out. I am going to try and avoid getting down on the job search next time an interview doesn’t go through. A thank you to all that have supported me this month. Whether it was through my business, blog or just talking to me, it’s been appreciated.

Thanks for reading!


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