A Paladin’s Steam Review: Echoes+. Pretty Decent Free Game, Even if It’s Designed to Show Off Tech.

Echoes+ Steam Review

A quick little review before we hit the weekend.

This is one of my more generally risky reviews. I don’t tend to review based off of first impressions (and this one may as well be a first impression) and I don’t like that I put so little time into it. Even if I feel I got enough of an idea of the game to do said review. Additionally, I don’t like that this is more of an advertisement for a game engine. But, we’ve had so many bad games come out this past week alone that I wanted to feature something that didn’t suck. So, that’s why I posted this review for better or worse. Hey, I’m giving you fair warning here and in the review so you can’t complain…too much ;P.

A Paladin’s Steam Review: Echoes+. Pretty Decent Free Game, Even if It’s Designed to Show Off Tech.

  • Genre: Bullet Hell Arcade Game.
  • Developed & Published by: Binary Zoo & The Game Creators & The Game Creators Ltd
  • Platform: Windows, Mac
  • Business Model: Base Game
  • Copy Purchased by Myself

Overall Gameplay Thoughts
This is a competent title considering for a Free-to-Play twin stick shooter. This isn’t my genre of choice, hence why there’s very little play time for this one. But I had to give it a look and see if it was even worth installing. Generally, I find that twin-sticks are overly difficult for my tastes (and this one isn’t any different) and I don’t find getting the highest score possible all that compelling. You’ll find six different game modes ranging from time attack, survival, 10-level campaign to classic asteroids play. Each adding some diversity.

PC Settings
PC options are pretty bare-boned. All you can change are audio levels and movement speed. (No resolution, fullscreen/windowed or other graphical options). You can play either the game’s music or your own songs. You can also use either a controller, mouse or keyboard though the controller is the better way to go.

Final Thoughts
Music is decently up beat, graphics are nice and retro but big surprise there and combat has a decent amount of feedback. Though I feel like the only way you lose is by being overwhelmed. That just might be my awfulness with this genre. It’s hard to argue with a good free game, even if it’s advertising a game development kit. Solid action, decent variety and fun gameplay make it a recommend from me. If this is your genre of interest, it seems to be worth giving a look.

Thanks for reading as always!


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