A Paladin’s Steam Sale: Final Day 12/31/14-1/2/15

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It’s the day that your wallet and/or bank account has been praying for, the final days of the Steam Winter sale. This series is about recommending or cautioning you about Steam games that are on sale today. I also try to recommend other good deals on games if I notice them.

Today is the last days of the sale so any games you’re wanting to buy, you need to buy them now because they will not be any cheaper. I’m going to be showcasing a few games you should consider that aren’t there. So, let’s get to it.

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Top five games you should consider:

  1. Kerbal Space Program
  2. Saints Row IV
  3. Transistor
  4. Shovel Knight
  5. Euro Truck Simulator 2

Other games to consider:

  • Dust: An Elysian Tail: This 2D Metroidvania/Platformer never made a front page presence but it remains one of my favorite games. At 60% off, you’re getting a well animated and enjoyable game.
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Bundle: While Clear Sky is considered the worst entry into the STALKER series, you basically get it for free in this bundle. The STALKER series remains one of my favorite open world post-apocalyptic game series that feels alive. Add in tense combat and a rich world to explore and there’s a lot to like here.
  • Nightsky: an enjoyable action-puzzler with some really nice ambiance. Using a sphere & physics to solve puzzle is an enjoyable couple of hours and the OST is quite nice to listen to on a calm evening.
  • SkyDrift: I know I’ve talked about this airplane racing game a lot lately, but I was just happy to find out that multiplayer had been solved. It has a fairly enjoyable campaign, beautiful vistas to explore while you’re racing around in one of many different kinds of planes.
  • Triple Town: What looks like a dull mobile port is actually a surprising amount of fun, for a match-three-ish puzzle game. The cute graphics and enjoyable mechanics kept me entertained for a couple of hours.

Warning and Caution for these Game Deals:

  • These are the early access ones: The Forest, Kerbal Space Program (still worth it though), Space Engineers, Prison Architect, 7 Days to Die, The Long Dark
  • Avoid like the plague: Assassin’s Creed Unity (buggy as hell, DRM to boot), FarCry 4 (DRM, bugs/performance issues), Total War Rome II: Emperor Edition (bugs, AI is brain dead, awful balance, not worth it), Bioshock Infinite (boring combat systems).

I’ve talked about these games in great detail before so you can, check the previous day’s post if you want to know my opinion. Thanks again for reading, +1ing and supporting this series. It’s been quite a bit of fun despite the craziness of my job. I’ll be posting my Top Favorites list soon.



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