A Paladin’s Steam Sale: Winter 2014 Day Three

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Shadows, mystery & strategy surround this third day of sales. This series is about recommending or cautioning you about Steam games that are on sale today based on the information I know about each one. I also try to recommend games that aren’t on the front page if I notice a good deal for them.

As a general reminder, you want to wait until the game is on a daily feature sale, flash sale or a community choice sale. All of which can be seen on the front page of Steam. These will be the cheapest sales you will find during this event. You should also keep an eye on HumbleBundle.com, Amazon.com and GreenManGaming.com as they will sometimes do even better sales than Steam for the same copy. I will try and make you aware of any significant ones I see. So, without further ado, let’s begin:

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  • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth: This is the remake edition of the original Binding of Isaac, with a new engine, artwork, polish and more. Binding of Isaac is one of the most popular rogue-like games to come out in recent years and with good reason. I’m contemplating getting it but I haven’t made up my mind. If you don’t like the new artwork or soundtrack for whatever reason, the original Binding of Isaac is 90% off at 49 cents which is an absolute killer deal. (However, the original edition does have reported performance problems). The only reason I haven’t played this game is due to the visuals….they’re rather grotesque and the game is all-around disturbing, but I don’t say that to condemn it. It’s just not my cup of teato play these types of games. But, I may fix that if I decide to pick up Rebirth.
  • NBA2K15: I know zip about the 2K series, how it compares to other games and how good it is. Sport simulator games aren’t my interest and you’re much better off getting information from someone else on this one.
  • Rise of Nations: Oof…this is a game I know very little about. Kind of shameful, because there are few popular RTSes I’m unaware of, but this must be one of them. What I do know is that this is the Steam-re-release of a 2003 game.
  • Europa Universalis IV: I own this game but haven’t put any time into whatsoever. I know, I know, bad King. However, I’m hoping to fix this in 2015. This is one of Paradox Interactive’s popular grand strategy empire building game. It is incredibly deep, packed with content and hugely complex. Most of the DLC is passable nonsense such as reskinned units and more music tracks.
  • Prison Architect: Early Access Game. Getting a lot of positive statements, this 2D isometric prison simulator seems to be one of the few gems in the early access realm. I’m currently waiting until its out of Alpha before I dip my toes into it. That said, $6 is a really cheap price for this game.
  • Dreamfall Chapters: An episodic story-driven adventure game based on a series of games that started way back in the year 2000. Yikes, I….completed missed this series altogether. >_< Boy, I’m really useful today. Three games that I know very little about. That’s just how it works out but at least with this game, you’re probably not hoping for my opinion. This is in a genre that I don’t dip my toes into often.
  • The Vanishing of Ethan Carter: A story-driven mystery game that actually has a focus on interesting exploration and discovery. Its got some compelling puzzles but does toe a very close line to “walking simulator”. At least, that’s what I heard. This is the cheapest you will probably find Ethan Carter for this year, as I haven’t seen it dip below 40% on any website these past few months.
  • AI War: Fleet Command Collection 2014: (HumbleBundle.com Link as both sites have it for the same price). My needing-to-be-updated Steam review of this game doesn’t do it justice. This is my favorite RTS game of all time. Over 200 hours has been sunk into it and I haven’t stopped for good yet. Arcen Games, the devs, continue to support it five years after the game first launched and are hardly afraid to reblance major parts of the game to make it more enjoyable. While it does have quite a few DLCs now, they are really expansions that add a ton of new content. Each expansion adds new units, more gloriously good music and new ways to win (or lose). It’s great as a solo or multiplayer experience.

Warning and Caution for these Game Deals:

  • Metro 2033 Redux: Metro: Last Light is also on sale, so I’m linking you directly to the bundle. There’s one main reason you don’t want to pick up this series right now: I’m 99% positive this has been on a better sale. When the Linux version of this series finally got released, I recall seeing a 66% sale on both games. Either way, I wrote an extensive review of Metro 2033 & Metro Last Light Redux. I am not happy with the direction this series has gone nor with how 4A games released a patch as the “true” edition of these games when they still have many unsolved glitches. I find the bugs, crashes and other problems that these games have as inexcusable, especially when charging $25 each.
  • Stronghold Crusader 2: This series has had a controversial and troubled path. SC2 was released to highly mixed reviews. Even 12 years later and the sequel shows little improvement over the original game, a lot of gameplay features were reportedly removed and the gameplay isn’t as compelling or enjoyable as it used to be. At least it has Havok Physics!……(sorry, but that’s not really a feature guys….) Even at 33%, I doubt you’d find many willing to recommend the game on its merits alone.
  • 7 Days to Die: Early Access game. Still reading? OK. 7DTD has gotten some positive press and is apparently not bad. Apparently. But, as I caution on all early access games, they’re still in beta and probably will break themselves in some unimaginable way. If you don’t have the time to tackle betas, I recommend looking for your survival zombie sandbox elsewhere.

I should note here that I’m going to try my hardest to get these posts out within the first couple of hours after the new deals are released. However, I am working irregular hours so it’s likely a few posts will get published late at night. The consolation is that these deals go for 48 hours so you have time to wait. So, check the previous day’s post if you want to know my opinion on those games.

Check back tomorrow for more steam sales commentary! Thanks for reading and supporting this series!


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