A Paladin’s Steam Sale: Winter 2014 Day One

It’s the beginning of the Winter Sale. Wallets now shriek in fear as they know what is coming. This series is about recommending or cautioning you about games on the Steam Daily Sale as well as any flash sales or other games on sale that catch my eye.



As a general reminder, you want to wait until the game is either on a flash sale or a daily sale before you pick it up for the next couple of days if you want the best sale you can possibly get. You should also keep an eye on HumbleBundle.com, Amazon.com and GreenManGaming.com as they will sometimes do even better sales than Steam for the same copy. I will try and make you aware of any significant ones I see. So, without further ado, let’s begin:

  1. Dark Souls II: I’ve heard good and bad things about the sequel to the hugely popular RPG Dark Souls. What I do know for certain is that the PC port is a lot better than its predecessor and that there is zero GFWL integration this time around.
  2. Sid Meier’s Civilization Beyond Earth: This game isn’t getting a lot of positive reviews surrounding it, mostly to the tune that it feels incredibly generic compared to Civ 5 and that some mechanics were not changed for the better. Other than that, I don’t have much of an opinion on it.
  3. Rocksmith 2014 Edition: I have no idea if this game is good or not. I’m not a guitar player.
  4. Sniper Elite III: Getting better reviews than its predecessor, Sniper Elite III features more open levels and new ways to kill in the North Africa WWII events. That’s pretty much all I know right now about it, it’s currently on my to-do list to tackle at some point.
  5. State of Decay: Another open world zombie survival game like DayZ. It didn’t get a lot of controversy like its competition as it sort of got buried in the noise.
  6. Euro Truck Simulator 2: I have this game and I’ve put in a few hours with it. It’s not he most graphically impressive game and the controls are twitchier than I prefer. But, it’s a solid simulation game of driving a truck. Which is appealing to some and not so much to others.

Warning and Caution on these Games:

  1. Total War Rome II: Emperor Edition: As far as I’m aware, this game is still a mess of bugs, AI problems and a terrible business model to boot. It was one of the most notably bad grand strategy games of 2013 so I have my doubts it’s in a better state right now. There are better games in the genre that I feel you should pick over this one.
  2. Space Engineers: This game is still in early access and should be treated as a beta product. I haven’t heard anything too bad about its state from those who are playing it, but your mileage will probably vary.
  3. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes: Everything I’ve heard about this game is that it’s a demo sold as a $20 game. I don’t think $13.39 is a good enough deal for it just yet.

Check back tomorrow for more steam sales commentary! Thanks for reading and supporting this series!


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