A Paladin’s Update on the Blog (Metro Last Light), Gaming and YouTube Channel (System Shock 2) for Oct 2014

Metro LL

Hello all, been busy times lately but I figured I’d sit down and talk about my current plans for the blog, channel and myself. There’s a few things to go over.

First off: I am now working at Costco as a seasonal front-end assistant for a few weeks now. This has been a god-send because I’ve been really needing the income and stability for a while now. I’ll go over how this affects everything else down below but for me, it’s making me really happy. It’s not a permanent job but I’m really trying hard to make myself hirable for them in the long term.

TLW Tech Services is going to continue for the time being but I’m no longer dependent upon it for income. I’ve been scaling back the advertising until I figure out a different method that actually works…which I have no idea what that is. The answer I keep getting is “facebook, facebook and more facebook”. I find it hard to believe that is my only solution to getting the word out there. Mostly because FB is so awful at actually advertising. I don’t know, it’s something I’ll keep researching. When Winter comes in full force next month/month after, I won’t be doing jobs in Tillamook or the surrounding areas, as the route between Tillamook and Cornelius gets dangerous with snow & ice. It’s just not worth it for my business. That’s about it as far as TLW is concerned.

I’m back on Twitter and purged all of the people I was following for it. I’m slowly rebuilding my feed over the coming months but my focus remains squarely on G+ right now. That is where the more interesting discussion is being held.

Alright, moving on: My YouTube channel has finally stopped getting copyright notices every other day/week. This means I feel comfortable putting effort into making videos again. In January at the earliest. My main focus is to continue working on my reviews as that’s where I feel my creative flow is best at. But I’ll see about doing small videos every now and again. No promises.

Remember this trailer? Yeah, neither did I. Haha, no but seriously: neither Managarmr or I forgot about this project. For me, the YouTube copyright claim-athon put this project on the backburner until things settled down. I also had plenty of personal things going on at the time which didn’t help matters. But the plan is that Mana is going to do a LP of System Shock 1. Once that’s done, we’ll combine forces and take System Shock 2 on. I’m estimating that’ll be around mid-January but I’m not going to promise it. At the very least, it will be 2015 before we take it on. I expect that my job will keep me far too busy in December to be able to take on a LP. I don’t have any other LPs/series in mind right now but I want to get System Shock 2 going first before I make any other plans. That’s the schedule for my Twitch channel.

What’s next for reviews? Well, I’m currently in the middle of Metro: Last Light. I’m about 60% done with the original edition. At least, that’s my best guess right now. A lot of the same mechanics I loathed in Metro 2033 Redux are there, but feel…balanced, comparatively. I’m contemplating doing a “Spartan” run in the redux edition and making it another double-review like with 2033. That said, the review for Metro: Last Light original edition is cancelled as the game was pulled from Steam’s store recently. So, no one can buy it any longer. If you own it, you still have it. Guess I shouldn’t be that surprised as the Redux edition was pretty similar to the original from what I could tell.

My latest Metro 2033 Redux review sure got popular. 71% helpful rating with over 50+ ratings now. I’m really happy with how my Steam reviews have been turning out, even as giant and long as they are. It’s still my main focus to work on these.

After Metro LL is done, I’m 90% certain I’m going to tackle The Witcher 2: Assassin’s of Kings. I’m contemplating starting from the beginning on it and just enjoy it for however long it takes. Though considering I have 10+ hours wrapped into it…I’m not sure. I’m just annoyed that it took me this long to return to the series but it can’t be helped sometimes. I haven’t decided what comes next after Witcher 2 as that will probably be around January 2015 by the time I’m done.

As far as other games I’m currently playing. Well, there’s SMITE of course. If I ever quit playing SMITE, I’ll probably go through severe withdrawals hehe. I’ve invested a lot of time into the MOBA and thoroughly enjoying myself. Most of the time. I’ve also been playing Guild Wars 2 “super-secretly” aka never talking about it on social media until just now. I’m not sure what to think about it just yet but I’m enjoying it so far. The only reason I was willing to pick up GW2 (or any MMO for that matter) was because it doesn’t require a monthly subscription. The one-time payment (at 50% off too) made it an easy pill to swallow. Currently running with a world-v-world guild and running a guardian character (to the surprise of no one). Also been picking up Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance again and probably going to pick up AI War: Fleet Command at some point.

That’s the plan at the moment. Lots to do and little time to do it. That’s it for how everything is going. If you have any questions/comments, leave them below. Otherwise, I will talk to you soon!



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