Steam Curator Update: All Recommendations Have Been Overhauled/Updated With More On The Way!



Ever tried updating 75 recommendations on Steam? It’s pretty time consuming. This is probably the most work I’ve done in one shot in regards to reviewing videogames. The recommendation format I’ve got now works well for me. My writing style has just been on fire and I’m looking forward to doing actually new recommendations and not just re-writing what I’ve done in the past. I have a lot of work to catch up on after all.

Here’s the total damages of the work I’ve done thus far. I heavily updated 27 recommendations to the new standard with additional thoughts and feelings. Many more got minor tweaks and spellcheck passes but were otherwise kept the same. There are 3 recommendations still up that will be updated in the near future. These weren’t pulled/updated because I wanted to replay the game in the near future and give my thoughts on them then. However, I didn’t want to pull them either because I still want people to get these games. I pulled 17 recommendations for various reasons that I’ll explain in more detail below. I’ve posted 30 recommendations to my Curator page with many more on the way. Finally, I have 4 new followers to said curation page. Many thanks to those that did, I deeply appreciate it.

Here’s the recommendations that were pulled and why

  • Yes to: Half Life 2, Half Life 2: Episode 1 & Half Life 2: Episode 2. These recommendations were absolutely terrible. They were a few short sentences that didn’t go into any detail and I want to do another pass. They struck me as overly fanboyish and in violation of my current reviewing style. As these were written years ago, I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised.
  • No to: And Yet it Moves: I want to give this game another shot as I played this early on as well and I was possibly unfair to it at the time.
  • Yes to: Trine: It was extremely short and uninformative.
  • Yes to: Plants VS Zombies GOTY: Was unhappy with the quality of the recommendation and my feelings are extremely conflicted when it comes to EA.
  • Yes to Dead Space: See above about PvZ, its the exact same situation.
  • Yes to: Sleeping Dogs: it was extremely short and I wanted to do another pass with a talk about DLC and other relevant information about this open-world game.
  • No to: Assassin’s Creed 1: I need to do fact checking on what I wrote before I republish it again.
  • No to: Rise of the Triad (2013 edition): I’m not happy with what I said on this one and this is the most recent review I’ve done of a game that I really dislike. Uncertain if I’ll do another pass at this or not.
  • No to: Shank: I want to do another retry on this game now that I have a controller and I’m less terrible with hack-and-slash games.
  • No to: Braid: I reviewed this game very early in my hobby and I want to completely retry this game and make sure my feelings were accurate or not. Now that I don’t suck (as much) at platformers, that may also change my opinion of this game. It was one of my least popular reviews too so, I figured I should take a look again.
  • Yes to: Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Ok, so after updating the recommendation on this game, I found out that the original version of Deus Ex: HR doesn’t exist on Steam anymore. That threw me for a bit of a loop. So, I decided to pull the recommendation until after I’ve had a go at the Director’s Cut edition, which I understand that the game has gone through several changes since I played.
  • Yes to Portal: It needs work, just that simple.
  • Yes to Anomaly Warzone Earth: Unhappy with this review and not really sure that I’d recommend it now.

For all the pulled reviews, I’m not going to guarantee that all, if any, of them will be republished. I’ve got what I previously written for each review in a GDoc. So, if you want to see it, comment below and I’ll put up a link to it. It shouldn’t be too surprising that the majority of the pulled reviews were positive ones as I haven’t been posting a lot of negative recommendations until recently.

The plan now: I’m going to be sharing the recommendations I updated/overhauled over the coming weeks here on my blog to give them new exposure. So, you have that to look forward to. =) I’ll be continuing to work on enhancing and creating new recommendations for my profile and curation page as soon as I can, though I’m going to pace myself so I don’t burn myself out. This crazy work on 75 recommendations was nuts. Speaking of which, this will be the one and only time I completely overhaul a lot of my recommendations in a single pass. I did it this time because I was reasonable comfortable with my current writing style and I actually have a general guideline for each.

At the end of it all, more content for this blog is coming soon and I hope you enjoy. As far as full blog reviews go, that remains completely up in the air. I want to focus on Steam for the time being and see if any source of inspiration hits for doing something more involved.

As always, thanks for following my adventures through this craziness. I hope you will find these way more useful than before, I’m really happy with them at any rate but there is always room for improvement.



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