Steam Curator: A Paladin Without A Crusade Joins The Fight!

APWAC is kind of a terrible shortening but I can't think of anything better....

APWAC is kind of a terrible abbreviation but I can’t think of anything better….

For those unaware, Valve has done something that is game changing for their online distribution store. They’ve added Steam Curators and redesigned the front page to recommend games that they think you’ll play. I for one am really happy with the direction Valve is heading with this new way of selling games to us. I’m sure there are plenty of kinks to be worked out overtime but I think this will really help with actually FINDING games that we’ll all want to play. Additionally, being able to see at a glance what games I own/wishlist is a great improvement, as well as all of the other minor changes they’ve implemented. I’m excited for seeing what games I can find next…as well as dreading how many games I’m going to want =P.

I created a curation page for A Paladin Without A Crusade and will be working on that in the weeks and months as I get used to the new system. You can go to it right here: as well as find my Steam profile here: I’m going to be busy trying to get this all setup and up to date. Which hey, its good as I’m finally paying attention to reviewing games again.

I know it’s been a month and a half since I last posted. But, I’m not apologizing. I think I was fairly clear last time but I’ll be 100% clear this time: this is my hobby. I do this whole thing for fun and to stretch myself. I really wouldn’t do this for anything but fun because there is a good amount of hard work that goes into each post. So, it will remain a hobby until things change. All of that said, things in my personal life are finally improving to the point that I want to review videogames again. So, let’s talk about my reviews.

I’ve also come up with a format that I like that isn’t overly busy for me for Steam reviews. It’s a more-or-less three paragraph style that includes all the pertinent information that I want to include in these reviews. It’s not going to be strictly three paragraphs, but I want to aim for that as the general average length for each. As for full blog-length reviews, its up in the air on whether I’ll do those or not. The few reviews I’ve worked out so far are just not turning out that well. They’re either too much work, too boring to read, not satisfying to publish out there for people to see or a combination of all those things. I need to work on the format more so I don’t know when they’ll come up again.

I’m also changing some rules I’ve had internally when it came to reviews. Additionally, I’m going to be pulling and/or reworking some of the older reviews I’ve published, at least on the Steam side. I’m doing this because when I started reviewing games, I was still getting used to reviewing and some games got a bad break from me. I doubt I’ll get around to redoing the blog versions of some of those that are bad but I will clearly mark on the blog if a game’s review is no longer valid for whatever reason. Or if the review is bad enough, I might just delete the post altogether. Some games may also get a redo and get put into the category to review again, but I still need to look through them all. You’ll see these changes as I continue to work on it.

All-in-all, exciting times of change are ahead and I’m really looking forward to it all. Let me know if you have any questions/concerns down in the comments below.


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