A Paladin’s Upgrades: Talking about Cooling my Computer…

Hello all, I have been meaning to talk more on my blog and this post is based off what was going to be a Google+ post. But I rambled on and on and decided to post it here instead. So, enjoy.

This past week, I got a few cheap upgrades for my main gaming rig: 

2014-07-09 13.39.13 2014-07-09 20.37.101) New side blue LED fan to match the other fans and help keep the case cooler during the summer heatwave. The CPU fan has been spinning harder and recording can be a little annoying with that running full bore. So, I’m hoping this will calm it down. Plus, I’ve been wanting to complete the set of fans this case can have for a while now. All that blue LED is very cool to look at ^_^. There is an optional fan slot behind the hardrives but I don’t think it’s necessary and the fan controller can only manage 5 at a time. Speaking of which…  

2) A NZXT Sentry 2 Touch Screen Fan Controller. I did research recently on what gamers were putting into their external drive bays now. I was curious since Floppies have been completely outdated and DVD/CD/Blu-Ray is not far behind what people were using those external bays for. One thing they were using were fan controllers. I figured that since I don’t like how my fans were being controlled currently, that I should give one of these things a try. It was cheap so risk was minimal.

The case itself has two knobs on the front to handle the front fans but the rear and top ones are managed on the back of the case and the controls are a pain to get at. The side fan is managed on the inside and I really disliked having to open the case every time I wanted to dial it up or down. I had to do that on my previous rig so when I purchased the above fan, I figured I’d give this a shot. Time will tell if it was a good decision or not. The touchscreen looks and operates quite nicely, so far.  

Potential upgrades that I’m considering for the future. I’m purely thinking out loud when I talk about these: 

  • External Bay memory card reader. I haven’t found any that don’t have poor reviews or are overly expensive so this might not ever happen. It’s not really that high of priority on my list as my phone syncs with Dropbox and Google+ and I don’t have a separate digital camera right now.
  • CPU Water cooler. I’m considering this for whenever I get around to overclocking my rig. But as I’m not planning on OCing for a while, this upgrade will probably be a long time off. Gaming wise, my GPU has withstood everything thrown at it and wondered when I’d get to more challenging tasks. The CPU has also managed all but the most taxing of tasks and I’m reasonably happy with it. I’m really hoping that AMD comes out with a solid upgrade for the CPU in the next couple of years that will fit into the AM3+ chipset. But that’s probably not going to happen and it doesn’t look like AMD is going to be significantly pushing speed on CPUs for the time being. Too bad, I really wish they would. (More cores doesn’t equal more speed AMD…)
  • A few more harddrives around the 1-2TB range. This is a low priority upgrade as well due to the recent YouTube copyright attacks I’m still under. So, I’m not making new videos and not needing to store RAW video files for weeks or months. Maybe this will change if I ever get back to uploading videos again. I certainly have the room for new hardrives in this case.
  • New 1080p monitors. Again, low priority unless my current 1680×1050, 720p ones suddenly die on me. It’s a nice-to-have, but not needed. My ideal monitor would be a 24″ 1080p 120Hz gaming ones. The expensive kind of course.

Anyway, thanks for reading my ramblings and whatnot. It’s always appreciated :P.

Until next time!


P.S.: I picked this up at a garage sale for my Linux machine.

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