A Paladin’s Recommendations: Steam’s Summer Sale 2014 Day Eight…

Some nice variety here but more focused towards strategy.

Some nice variety here but it’s more focused towards strategy.

Eight is the number today and today we’ve got a strategy focused sale. If you’re curious about what I thought about yesterday’s sales, click this link here. Just a reminder that GOG.com’s sale is still ongoing with plenty of flash sales. I’ve been keeping an eye on it to see if any older games I want go up for sale. I won’t mention those sales because they come and go far too quickly for me to keep up.

Let’s get down to business then.

1) Resident Evil 4: “HD edition”. Seen the movies but not played the games. This game claims to be an HD update but I’m dubious about that. I mean, look at their own example on the steam page. Sure, that’s updated but that’s not very high fidelity. It feels like they could have done a better job with the update considering this was released in February 2014. Anyway, all previously released content for this game is included in this edition.

2) Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag: You know your assassin franchise is in trouble if the best thing people liked about the game was everything that didn’t involve you being an assassin. I played the first Assassin’s Creed game and found it an interesting tech demo for more to come. Unfortunately for Assassin’s Creed, the next game in the series would involve one of the most draconian DRM systems to be implemented in PC gaming. I have since ignored the series and many of the criticisms of this series is that it just doesn’t innovate on anything. The story is barely interesting at times, the combat doesn’t make you an assassin, it makes you into a one-man army who no one can stop. It makes it really hard to believe these guys were so secretive when they could wipe out squads of soldiers at a time. Heck, the first game has you doing that in order to finish the game.

Black Flag has you in the role of Edward Kenway, a young pirate captain who must sail the seven seas in search of all kinds of booty. Critical reception praised the ship commanding and slammed the assassin sequences as being extremely repetitive and slowing the game down. This game does use Ubisoft’s infamous Uplay DRM, so yay. It also has “time saver” DLCs with some other garbage looking DLC so you can probably stay away from those.

3) Dishonored: One of the hit games of 2012, you play as the supernatural assassin Corvo Attano who’s driven by revenge. Set in the steampunk world of Dunwall, an industrial whaling city, your tasked to shed light on the conspiracy and take revenge on those that killed the Empress. It’s a great FPS stealth-action game with a really nice art style. You can go super-stealthy or kill-them-all, though the game favors the stealthy and less bloody approach. The only DLC worth getting is “The Knife of Dunwall” and “The Brigmore Witches” though both of those are only 50% off. However, the Game of the Year edition is a much better deal if you want to buy the DLC as well. I rather enjoyed it and I hope to see more from this game series as it really builds a great new world to get sucked into.

4) Train Simulator 2014: I’m pretty certain 85% off is the best sale this game has been on. Ok, this game is either as fun as you think it is or as boring as you think it is. I have played a fair share of it and it has some good graphics and the gameplay is solid for what it is. Though you’re probably wondering about the metric-ton of DLC this game has and yeah, I don’t agree with it. BUT and this is a major BUT: the developers only intend for you to buy the trains you want. They don’t expect you to spend over $1,500 to get all of it. (Though I’m sure they wouldn’t mind the financial boost xD) The game has integrated with Steam Workshop so you can get access to tracks and trains for free. They just might not be as high quality as the DLC. I personally can’t say, I’ve never tried any of the workshop content. Only get this game if you’re a train enthusiast and/or enjoy games in this genre. Otherwise, steer clear because you won’t enjoy it.

5) Left 4 Dead 2: I’ve played over 62 hours of this game. If that isn’t proof enough of how fun this game is, I don’t know what else to tell you. This co-op survival FPS game is a lot of fun with friends and comes with plenty of content, modes and workshop integration to keep you busy for a long time. It’s cross-platform too. The best mode is probably PVP as you can play survivors vs the infected. It’s just lots of fun being one of the special infected. Read my review here.

6) Total War: Rome II: Boy this series has had a troubled history and Rome II does nothing to improve its image. The series is known for being buggy and featuring one of the worst AIs in strategy gaming. Rome II set that to a new level with lots of bugs, missing features, dumbed-down mechanics and an even worse AI. The DLC is nothing more than insulting to the players if you ask me. I don’t recommend this and I think you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone that does. My friends who pre-ordered it (I wish they wouldn’t have) have slammed it as being terrible. The fact that there is seven pieces of DLC for this game is just disgusting…

7) Europa Universalis IV: Cross-platform turn-based strategy empire-building game. This sale is pretty attractive, if I didn’t already own Paradox’s other game, Crusader Kings 2, and have it on my to-do list. I’ve heard nothing but good things for this one. But it has a stiff learning curve and may suck the rest of your free-time away, as any good turn-based strategy will do. Some of the DLC is on sale, some of it isn’t.

8) Sid Meier’s Civilization V: another cross-platform turn-based strategy empire-building game. Recently launched onto Linux, its initial launch wasn’t as well liked. It lacked features that long-time fans expected and had an assortment of problems. Nearly four years later, 15 pieces of DLC and updates have warmed people up to it. I have to give kudos to Aspyr and 2K Games for continuing to support a niche strategy game like Civilization V for so long and bringing it to Linux. It’s certainly attracted my attention at getting it…I just have too many of these kinds of games. This genre has also exploded in recent years and it’s a bit insane how many choices you have.

9) Banished: a city-building strategy game that is known to be lethally hard, I’ve got my eyes on this game. Your job in this game is to grow the townspeople and survive in a harsh wilderness for as long as possible. It’s gotten reasonable critical reception and the sale is rather good for such a niche game that launched several months ago. It’s still being developed and it looks like mod support is coming for it soon.

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps with your purchasing decision. If you have any thoughts or suggestions on this series, please let me know. Otherwise, I will see you tomorrow!


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