A Paladin’s Recommendations: Steam’s Summer Sale 2014 Day Five…

It's so very nice to see these games up here.

It’s so very nice to see these games up here.

Day five has arrived. My eyes must be deceiving me because I see zero early access games for sale. Glad to see that today because I’m getting tired of doing my usual statement on those. If you’re curious about what I thought about yesterday’s sales, click this link here. Also, note that GOG.com’s sale is still ongoing with plenty of flash sales. I’ve been keeping an eye on it to see if any older games I want go up for sale. I haven’t mentioned any of those sales in this post or anywhere else because they’re so quick that it’s hard to keep up.

Let’s get right down to it then, shall we?

1) Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition: a game known for its brutal difficulty, beautiful vistas and in-depth combat mechanics. This RPG will have you dying over and over again but you’ll still come back for more. Ok, my opinion of Dark Souls is a bit on the conflicted side. The difficulty, while hard, is actually quite fair once you figure out the fighting mechanics and how bosses move. That will require a few deaths the first time around. Or a few 100. Heh. I really enjoyed my 60 hours I put into the game. The story isn’t all that much to dig into but the combat system is one of the deepest and most enjoyable systems I’ve had the pleasure of playing in a RPG. Whether its wielding necromancy, a giant greatsword or dual-swords, it has plenty of impact and enjoyment. I really wish more RPGs had combat systems that came even remotely close to Dark Soul’s implementation.

All that said, the PC port is a bit of a mess. You will need mods in order to enjoy this game. The base game’s framerate is locked to 30fps, the resolution options are limited, the textures are very poor in places due to its console roots, certain areas of the game will lag regardless of how good your system is due to poor performance optimizations and there are a plethora of bugs to boot. There are mods that unlock the framerate, unlock more resolution & graphics options and there are some that upgrade the textures. But mods won’t solve all the problems, Games for Windows Live most notably, so you’ll just have to manage through them. Not only that, but the game REQUIRES a controller. The keyboard & mouse combo is really badly implemented in this game. To make matters even worse, as mentioned above, it comes with Games for Windows Live DRM. After all that, I am still recommending this game….with obvious cautions. It’s frustrating that the game came out in such a poor state but once you mod it and get past GFWL, it’s a fun experience for the most part. But if you’re not willing to work to get the game running, I recommend passing it by. However, the sale price makes it more than worth it to get it running properly.

2) The Lego Movie Videogame: it’s a movie-licensed videogame and I generally ignore these because they tend to be awful. However, the Steam reviews seem to indicate otherwise so that’s something. I really don’t have much information on this game beyond that.

3) Surgeon Simulator 2013: the game that took the internet by storm last year is on another deep sale. It’s a game that’s all about frustrating & difficult controls as you try to perform surgery on a patient. If you like that sort of thing, great. Otherwise, I’d just pass on it.

4) Insurgency: I’ve heard a bit about this game. It’s a multiplayer team-based shooter built in the Source Engine by an indie team. It’s focused on being squad-based and containing lethal action. It’s got some unique features like 3D VOIP which lets you hear friendly and enemy players in proximity to you. Its gotten pretty good reviews and so far hasn’t put up any DLC. There have been a lot of multiplayer FPS games that have come out lately, especially from the indie scene, so it’s really difficult to keep up with all of them.

5) Rogue Legacy: cross platform genealogical rogue-lite game. The unique twist to this 2D side-scrolling platformer is that when you die, your child will start up where you left off. Every child is unique. Some might be colorblind while others might have an illness. It’s hard, it’s not too bad looking and has won a boat-load of awards.

6) Nether: I could have sworn this game was in the Greenlight system but it doesn’t make any mention of that on the steam page. Its yet another FPS survival “experience unlike any other” multiplayer game. I get the feeling it’s unlike any other game in that it has three levels of DLC right out the gate. Steam reviews are a resounding NO on recommendations but beyond that, I don’t really know of anyone who has played this game. Probably because it’s in such an oversaturated genre now that no one has time to play it.

7) Saints Row IV: a game I’ve been wanting to get for a while now and that price is pretty darn attractive. I just wish it didn’t come with a truckload of DLC. Saints Row III was gloriously stupid and IV seems to have gone the next step beyond to ridiculously, insanely stupid yet good. Its an open-world sandbox game where you play as the United States President that must save the Earth from an invading alien using superpowers and odd weapons. It also has drop-in-and-out co-op to sweeten the experience. I liked the previous one and I’ve heard nothing but goodness for this one.

8) Arma III: the series that kicked off the DayZ craze in Arma II came out with a sequel to the open world realistic military sandbox. I know very little about the Arma series other than it has some reasonably good reviews for it. This isn’t my genre of interest but I’ve heard nothing to warn you away from it. It does come with DLC that isn’t on sale. The 50% sale is the best it has ever been.

9) FTL: Advanced Edition: who doesn’t own this game? Seriously, does anyone not own this game by now? Ok well, for those 3 people out there that don’t know what FTL is about, you command a spaceship from the Federation that is trying to save the galaxy from the Rebels. This rogue-like got a massive update in the form of free DLC called “Advanced Edition”. This cross-platform starship simulation command game is one of my all time favorites. It has a growing modding community, plenty of challenge (and dice rolling) and content to keep bringing you back. This isn’t the best sale FTL has ever had but I’d say get it at full price anyway. It’s worth it. Read my review here.

10) Skyward Collapse: This is a turn-based 4x strategic god-game. You are The Creator and you must carefully balance the power that two factions have so that one doesn’t wipe the other out. Tasked with building and populating the floating continent of Luminith, you create gods, creatures and artifacts to keep the balance of power. However, you have no control over these units that you create and sometimes the AI has ideas of its own. It’s like playing chess against yourself, a quote I heard from someone else. An intriguing concept that I think was pretty well executed. But unfortunately, the sales for this game haven’t justified any additional content which I think is a shame. It gets a bit insane and you can have some really unlucky rolls of the dice in this game which can completely screw you over, but I found it to be very enjoyable experience. DLC adds a whole new faction which I definitely think is worth the price. Read my review here.

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps with your purchasing decision. If you have any thoughts or suggestions on this series, please let me know. Otherwise, I will see you tomorrow!


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