A Paladin’s Recommendations: Steam’s Summer Sale 2014 Day Four…

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Look at all those pretty games….

Day four is here and we only have one, count it, one early access game on the front page! Finally! Let’s talk about some games. Note that if you want to know about yesterday’s sales, click here. Also note that GOG.com’s sale is still ongoing with plenty of flash sales to keep checking on it. I haven’t mentioned any of those sales because they’re so short that it’s hard to keep up.

So refreshing to talk about games that aren’t incomplete for once.

1) Metal Gear Rising Revengeance: Revengeance is a real word. That’s what I’ve been told at any rate. Rising is a seriously fun game. It’s a hack-and-slash action combat game where you play as Raiden from the Metal Gear Solid series. This game has an impressive amount of depth in the combat and stealth mechanics. You can stealth a lot of this game but why would you do something so silly like that when you can cut all enemies (and environmental objects) to ribbons? The game comes with all DLC so there isn’t anything extra that you have to pay for. 50% isn’t that great of a discount but I think the asking price is more than fair for such a fun game. Read my review here.

2) Tomb Raider: I’ll be honest, I’m not really that interested in this game. It’s too cut scene heavy with limited game mechanics for what I was hoping. This action/adventure story-driven game follows Lara Croft and I’ve heard some reasonable things about it. Note that this game comes with a bucket load of DLC. It is insane how much pointless DLC was made for this game and a lot of it is probably skippable.

3) The Wolf Among Us & Planetary Annihilation: Both games are incomplete for different reasons. Wolf is currently on episode 4 with episode 5 promised to come out later this year. Planetary is still in beta form and has no release date for its 1.0 release. At this point, you should hold off getting Wolf until the Christmas sale as it should be completed by then and on its deepest sale.

4) South Park: The Stick of Truth: 2D RPG that I don’t have any interest in personally. I don’t watch South Park so that’s why. It’s locked to 30FPS, that’s all I know that should concern PC gamers. If you like the South Park style of graphics and humor, the gameplay is pretty good from what I’ve heard. No comment about the DLC. The sale isn’t that great at 33% off.

5) Outlast: because this world needed more first person horror games. I’ve heard nothing but reasonably good things about this game. Has plenty of scares and the DLC is pretty good. The DLC is only 50% off. Should you get it? Only if you’re a masochist. I’m thinking about getting it today but may hold off because I still have to tackle Amnesia.

6) Kingdoms of Amalur: the RPG that bankrupted the company, 38 Studios, and CEO that worked on the game. The franchise is more than likely dead but I’ve heard decent things about the game. The mechanics stray a little too close to the WoW combat system for my taste and I’m not a fan of that. No comment on the DLC. I personally think there are better RPGs available right now and the lack of anything new or interesting makes this a hard sell for me. It’s a reasonable open-world RPG, that’s about it.

7) BattleBlock Theater: Made by the same developers that created Castle Crashers, this casual, comedy platformer is certainly unique. This is a game best played with friends if its anything like Castle Crashers so if you do decide to get it, make sure you have some friends along for the ride.

8) Borderlands 2: Personally, I think this game is largely overrated. I have played this and the original and find them to be repetitive and grindy. Certainly the world is unique as well as the cartoony CGI graphics but otherwise, the meat of the game is just dull. It feels like World of Warcraft with guns. Which probably explains why this game got so popular. Oh and before anyone asks, I played these on a friend’s console so that’s why you don’t see me owning them on Steam. Yes, I do play on consoles on a rare occasion and Borderlands just happened to be one of those games I played. The amount of DLC for this game is beyond ridiculous. And if I recall correctly, the Game of the Year edition doesn’t get you all of it. If you are going to play this one, get some friends and have a blast. Otherwise, I feel there are better games out there.

9) Pinball FX2: If you’re looking for a new pinball game, Pinball FX2 is definitely the game to look at. It allows you to try a table for free as well as having demos for each table it sells. The DLC is fairly reasonable too. Everything from Star Wars, Plants VS Zombies and Marvel comics is here. It’s a lot of fun with plenty of variety to keep you coming back. Read my review here.

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps with your purchasing decision. If you have any thoughts or suggestions on this series, please let me know. Otherwise, I will see you tomorrow!


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