A Paladin’s Recommendations: Steam’s Summer Sale 2014 Day Three…

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This is just getting ridiculous now…

Day three is here and yet again we have a lot of Early Access games on sale today. Note that if you want to know about yesterday’s sales, click here.

Let’s get this ridiculousness going then…

1) Wasteland 2, Project Zomboid and 7 Days To Die: 7 Days to Die is a terrible, very incomplete survival crafting game, from what I’ve heard. Project Zomboid is an interesting top-down zombie survival game in the veins of XCOM. Wasteland 2 is the way long overdue sequel to the original Wasteland, a post-apocalyptic RPG survival game. Is it just me or is there a pattern here? All of that said, these are early access games that need time to develop before money is put down on them.

2) Terraria: an excellent 2D sandbox game with some platforming, crafting and plenty of interesting combat. I really liked the aesthetic and the creativity this game has to offer. Additionally, the co-op this game has is just icing on the cake. You can help or hinder each other as you try to survive this treacherous world you’re building it. It seems that the developer has returned a little bit to improve the game with more content and that’s very welcome news. At $1.99, you will easily get your monies’ worth for this game. Read my review here.

3) The Stanley Parable: Is it a game? Or is it a veiled poke at gamers for some of the silly nonsense they come up with? Are you even reading this post or am I reading this post to you? All of this and more is not really answered in the Stanley Parable. Or is it? That’s for you to find out. Read my review here.

4) Skyrim: I’m probably one of the few people that hasn’t actually played this game and as such my opinion is probably completely invalid. But hey, I’m going to give it to you anyway. Skyrim is a ridiculously large open-world RPG where you fight stuff, craft stuff, find stuff and do stuff. While being the hero of the lands or something. Being a hero though doesn’t mean you can’t steal other people’s stuff. Skyrim has lots of mods, lots of content and is probably worth playing for most people. For myself, the lackluster combat, bugginess and repetitiveness is what has kept me away from it. It’s a pretty common problem for the Elder Scrolls series and seems to be unfixed with this one. But hey, if you enjoy it that’s good. This game has also be on sale about a bajillion times so I’d be surprised if there was anyone left who hasn’t bought it. The DLC is only 50% off.

5) Contagion: yet another zombie survival shooter. I’m really starting to sense a pattern with these games today. This one looks bad and wasn’t received all that well. I still haven’t heard anything positive about it since it left early access so I’d probably look somewhere else or do more extensive research on it.

6) Age of Empires II HD Edition: oddly enough, the developers of Defense Grid 1 & 2 worked on this game and only this game. Neither Age of Empires 1 or 3 have gotten the HD treatment so this one came out of left field. It comes with plenty of steam-specific features and improved AI, apparently, as well as new graphics. However, the animation still looks…lacking. Other than that, I don’t really have an overall opinion on it. It seems like it’s still in active development but I never played the Age of Empires series to know much about it other than it’s considered a good RTS series. It’s not on my list to look at right now.

7) Dragon Age Origins, Ultimate Edition: the first of the Dragon Age series, this ultimate edition comes with all DLC and content packs that were made for the game. This game was made before EA went and created Origin so it has no DRM beyond Steam’s. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this RPG as well as some bad but I really can’t say for certain whether this game is good or not. But it is considered better than the sequel that came after it so there’s that.

8) Thomas Was Alone: Making a story about different shaped blocks platforming should have been difficult, if not impossible. But Thomas somehow achieves that with style. This platformer comes with excellent narration and is well worth your time to get if you haven’t already. Read my Review here.

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps with your purchasing decision. If you have any thoughts or suggestions on this series, please let me know. Otherwise, I will see you tomorrow!


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