A Paladin’s Recommendations: Steam’s Summer Sale 2014 Day One…

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It’s Returned. Girdle your wallets…

Yup, the Steam Sale has made it’s return for the summer and it’s looking pretty typical for Valve. There’s also summer adventure where you craft badges, earn rewards and points. It’s a bit odd where you get randomly assigned to a team competing with each other for the most points. The team with the most points gets rewards. It’s a bit too random and chance based for me to really want to try and win anything. Enough of that sillyness, I’m here to recommend games like I did last time around when we had the Winter sale. So let’s get to it.

Like previous sales, I’m just going to talk about the daily deals and what I think about them. I might also include a few other games that are on sale that deserve a look but aren’t on the front page of Steam.

1) Don’t Starve: It’s a popular game made by the same developers that created Shank, Mark of the Ninja and more. This particular game doesn’t appeal to me. It’s pretty harsh for a rogue-like, you can lose a lot of progress and having to restart from the beginning seems a bit too tedious to me. It doesn’t help that the graphic style isn’t appealing to me either but from what I’ve heard, it’s a fun game. Being cross-platform is really nice too.

2) Dead Rising 3: Don’t get this game right now. It’s a pre-purchase, there is absolutely no reason to buy this game right now. None. Don’t bother. Save your money. There are plenty of other games you can buy and play today.

3) XCOM: Enemy Unknown: Recently released on Linux today, XCOM: EU is a fun time though it has a fair share of glitches and difficulty spikes that I wasn’t a fan of. Still worth your time and being that cheap, I can’t think of a reason to get it. The latest DLC is also on a 67% off sale and I hear that really helps the game’s depth though I’ve not played with it.

4) Farcry 3: Open world FPS game that never really interested me. I’ve heard its fun and pretty, I have watched an LP of it, that’s all I can really share about it. My only legitimate complaint about the game is that it uses Uplay for DRM and I won’t touch that with a 10ft pole.

5) Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion: I’ve played 118 minutes of it which is not nearly enough time to give a good review of the game but I consider it a light 4X/casual RTS game that isn’t too bad. Really pretty, fairly in-depth but slow as molasses as far as the gameplay is concerned. You will spend hours upon hours playing this game waiting around for things to happen. Which is not necessarily a bad thing but it’s something to keep in mind if you’re thinking about the game. It should be noted that a Stardock Account is required to play this game. Furthermore, the DLC is only 50% off today so, there you go.

6) The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition: I really don’t need to give my opinion on this game, do I? At $3.99, you’re getting one of the most beautiful RPGs you will ever play. That said….the Mac and Linux ports have performance problems, especially the Linux one as it was sloppily ported over. While the developers who were contracted by CDProjectRED to port it to Linux have stated they are working on fixing the issues, well, I’d wait before taking them at their word. In its current state, it is just not playable on Linux without issues. There is the other issue that the combat in this game isn’t that fantastic and a mod was released to help fix the problems. But even then, it’s a bit…frustrating. For Windows users, the experience is so far fine and while I’m not done with it, there is plenty to see and explore with Geralt of Rivia.

7) Democracy 3: I know very little about this cross-platform political strategy game other than it’s a successful game for the developer who made it. This is a niche-of-a-niche that I have no interest in and it looks like a lot of graphs and menu screens. I haven’t heard anything bad about it so take that for what you will.

8) Divinity: Original Sin & DayZ: Might as well say what I want about these two games right here and now: DO NOT BUY THEM. These are EARLY ACCESS GAMES. In my opinion, it is not worth your time and effort to play early access games as there are plenty of complete games out there with full experiences to enjoy. But, if for whatever reason you actually enjoy being an unpaid BETA-tester, then by all means have at it. Other than that, I have no other opinions on these games other than I think DayZ is far overhyped for what it brings to the table.

9) Drox Operative: On a 50% sale, this deep, open-world action RPG may not look like much, but she has it where it counts. I got the chance to play the beta years ago and while I haven’t returned to it since, I really enjoyed the experience of playing in dynamic and evolving galaxy. The “DRM” in this game is an offline-check of the license key you get when you buy the game.  If you’re looking for a new aRPG to really sink your teeth into, this is the one to consider.

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps with your purchasing decision. If you have any thoughts or suggestions on this series, please let me know. Otherwise, I will see you tomorrow!


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