A Paladin’s Update: The YouTube Copyright War and Twitch Streaming…

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YouTube Copyright bs

So, for those that don’t know my channel has been getting by multiple copyright claims over the past couple of months and the assault hasn’t let up on my channel. I’ll say right now that in the big scheme of my life, this isn’t really doing anything to me, financially or otherwise. I’m still fighting it because it’s the right thing to do. But all of that said, it’s become a problem for the channel and my ability to produce additional videos. I’m currently sitting on one or two more Portal videos and I haven’t recorded anything since this has happened. And I don’t have any time scheduled to do any additional recordings for the near future, simply because this YouTube project is no longer stable.

I’ve got a lot of priorities on my plate. I’ve got a business to run that actually brings in money. I’ve got TeknoCratik to get moving and I’ve got a job search to do. To invest a minimum of 2-3 hours into each video I upload and then worry about copyright on a video that I already have permission for is unacceptable. So, I’m just not doing anymore until this stops.


Yes, I am looking into other video websites but lets face facts: Not being on YouTube hurts your potential viewership. Period. End of story. The amount of people that will only watch videos on YouTube is equal if not more-so to the amount of people that will only buy games from Steam. As completely ludicrous as that attitude is. It’s thanks to that mentality that has given Google the current effective monopoly it has right now. While I applaud people and websites for trying to get away from YouTube, it only works for so long. A notable example of this is the Nostalgia Critic from That Guy With the Glasses.com. Despite not being on YouTube, I see plenty of his videos uploaded on an unofficial channel. And it has plenty of views. I cannot imagine that he is very happy with that state of affairs but of course he’s not (likely) going to do a copyright claim on the channel because that will get him bad publicity. Again, as ludicrous as that is, he probably needs as much good publicity as he can get right now. Most Internet Content creators do.

Despite all that negativity, I am considering alternatives but it has taken the wind of my sails on continuing to publish additional video content and actually improving my craft. I do this for fun, not to set myself up to get my pants sued off my some guy who believes that my video has his song in it when it clearly doesn’t. You know what projects don’t have the potential for me getting sued? Everything but the A Paladin YouTube channel. And with Google’s current stance of do-nothing, it makes me very wary at investing anymore time into the project. Really, it’s Google who I’m really pissed off about. I understand that copyright law absolutely sucks right now but the way that you’re currently handling it is extremely lazy. You can do a better job. But you choose not to. For whatever reason. Instead, you have given the power to companies and individuals who can abuse it to take down critique and videos that people don’t want up under the guise of “copyright claim”.

That long rant out of the way, I have two videos that currently under copyright claim by several other companies. Shattered Haven Episode 2 now has 2 current claims against it which brings the total count to 6. Two of the claims that I disputed have been appealed so I am appealing the appeal. That process will continue till the end of the month where I suspect they’re just not going to do anything. Which if that isn’t abuse of the copyright system, I don’t know what is. The most recent Portal 2 episode has a semi-legit claim on the background song in it. However, Valve gives full permission for it’s usage so the claim doesn’t hold water. I’m waiting until the other appeal is completed before I appeal this claim. Which could take as long as two months as slow as this process has been.

Even when I counter all of these claims, this probably won’t end. I’ll probably see more copyright claims in my inbox for the near future as Google continues to do nothing. Hence why I haven’t published anymore videos and probably won’t for the rest of this year if this continues to happen.

All of that said, I am going to try and get Twitch Streaming going despite my issues with the service. They recently put in a video delay so that viewers see what you’re seeing 20-60 seconds later. Basically, this makes interactions with the viewers difficult if not impossible. I am also considering alternatives there. I will be starting up System Shock 2 streaming as well as The Last Federation and FTL: Advanced Edition. Yup, spoiling what I’m going to be streaming hehe.

It’s a whole lot of BS right now which is why I’m glad I’m not financially dependent on these services. I can only imagine the nightmare scenarios YouTubers are going through right now as they watch their jobs come under threat. As much as you might be jealous of their job, the one thing we do not want is them losing their jobs. That means more competition for less jobs. No one wants that.

As always, I will try and keep you in the loop as the situation continues. I hope everyone has a Happy Easter weekend and I should talk to you soon.


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