A Paladin’s Update: Writers Block, Twitch Streaming and YouTube Copyright Problems…

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Let’s talk updates.

I’ve been dealing with a pretty severe case of writers/creativity block. For some reason, I just can’t create blog posts or videos right now. I’ll come up with a subject to talk about but when I sit down to write it out, it just doesn’t go anywhere. It self-destructs and lacks the point(s) or the strong feelings that went along with it. And I’m not sure what to do to get around the issue. That’s why there hasn’t been much this month.

I wish I knew how to get around it. It’s never been this severe nor lasted this long. I’ll have bouts every now and again but it’ll eventually go away. It isn’t happening this time. I’m not sure what is causing it either and it’s disheartening. I like to think I’m a pretty creative individual but this stint is saying otherwise.

I’m hopeful that my upcoming vacation will fix my writers block. If not, then…then I’m not sure what’s going to happen. *sigh*….To be honest, I am contemplating giving up. That’s how bad my current state of mind is.

Other stuff:

For those that missed the news on my System Shock stream today, I completed the game and had a new announcement to make. I am partnering up with my friend MoonshineFox Managarmr of <TotallyLegitGaming> to tackle System Shock 2 in April. We’ll be streaming it on both of our channels and it should be quite a bit of fun. System Shock took a lot longer than I expected so I’m glad that this particular series is over. I’m also planning on doing additional streams with different games as I get that worked out. I’m thinking SMITE and other casual streams. We’ll see.

Another note: I have uploaded all my screenshots and streaming videos for the System Shock series on my Google+ profile. I might upload them here on my website at a later point since I can do that now without costing me an arm and a leg but I haven’t decided.

YouTube has once again hit me with another copyright notice which has caused me to be extremely hesitant to work on any new series. See above for other reasons for why I’m not working on anything right now. I can’t put effort into a project if I’m going to be worried about being slapped by copyright law everytime I upload a video. Other than that, I don’t have anything to add to this other than it might be a long wait for anything additional on the YouTube front if Google continues to allow the current situation to last. I am currently contemplating alternatives.

And that’s it, thank you for reading and bearing with me. I’ll see you guys, next time.


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