A Paladin’s Monday: Still Job Trying and Still Netflixing with House of Cards…

Goober being silly and sleeping under her blanket for several hours.

Goober being silly and sleeping under her blanket for several hours.

Another week begins…today I’m going to talk about what I’ve been watching lately and what’s up next, as well as thoughts on The Walking Dead.

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I finished the second season of House of Cards today. Boy was that an intense season. I have to give the writers kudos, they are very willing to do things that not a lot of other series are willing to do. No, not have lots of boobs and different kinds of sex. That’s overdone quite a bit with a lot of shows running right now. Game of Thrones still has House of Cards beat on that at any rate. No, what I’m talking about is willing to kill of characters or let them depart from the story at “surprising” moments. Usually, in a lot of stories you can tell when the character is going to get axed from the show. There’s usually a build up to it. But with the first episode doing what it did, it clearly showed that the writers behind the show are very willing and capable of doing whatever they feel is necessary for the story. The nice thing is, they don’t have the George RR Martin style, which is to ax a whole of characters when you don’t know what to do with them. It’s hard to talk about this because I’m trying to avoid spoilers but I’ll just give them kudos for how they handle a number of their “main” characters in the show. It makes this world feel more real and much more flexible. Maybe I’m just tired of characters surviving the entire show through impossible odds all the time. That works in some shows like Star Trek, but it doesn’t work all the time. That aside, the show has some of the best writing and acting I’ve seen in a long time and this season is no slouch. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with season 3 and I sincerely hope there is one.

I’m still debating on what series is going to be next on my watchlist but it’s looking like continuing my Dr Who adventures into Season 7, Lillyhammer Season 2 or trying Orange is the new Black. I haven’t watched Weeds, Weeds isn’t in my interests but I’ve heard this show, Orange, is pretty good. It doesn’t give off a good initial impression but I’ll give it a shot. After all, if I can give Battlestar Galatica several episodes worth of a shot, I can give Orange one too. (BSG isn’t good. Corny dialogue and unnecessary drama doesn’t work for me, among other things. It’s poorly written and takes some real leaps of logic to work, even for a Sci-Fi series which already requires some to work in the first place).

Screenshot 2014-03-03 21.35.02One show that I haven’t decided to pick up again is The Walking Dead. Season three was extremely difficult to get through. It’s slow and leans on way too many tropes of other shows for my liking. Bad guy is stereotypical and every action is easily predicted. “Oh gee, I wonder if this charming dude called the governor is going to be a bad guy. He’s well spoken, way too generous/kind and—-yup. He’s evil. Is he going to be able to convince her—yup. Can he dodge all the bullets in the world without having any cover whatsoever while attacking the prison? YUP!”. That last part is what really got me. What doesn’t help the show any the “good” guys that we get to follow. I’m having a hard time getting invested in these characters when they make some really stupid/mind boggling decisions. And from what I’ve heard of season five, it gets worse. Maybe the writers are starting to unravel at that point. At any rate, I’m not seeing much value in the show. Rather than focus on surviving the walkers, we’d much rather focus on human being interactions with people we barely like at this point. I dunno, just thinking out loud. Anyone else seen it and have thoughts on the later seasons?

That all being said, I hope season 2 of the Walking Dead videogame by TellTale doesn’t fall into the same issues. I haven’t picked it up yet because I’m waiting for the entire season to be completed before purchasing it. I’m not a fan of episodic content. It gets into that grey area of being a pre-order for me and I’d much rather have the full experience than wait months on end for the next piece of the game to come out. The first season was good, I can only hope the second one continues just as well as it did.


Been playing some more Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance as well as SMITE. I think I’m 2/3rds the way through the story. It’s still as ridiculous as ever but I enjoy it. From time to time, I always like playing a spectacle fighter or some kind of ridiculous popcorn action game. It definitely helps that this game has a really good and deep combat system but it isn’t always required. I dunno why I like playing games like Rising as I’m usually a more mechanically-inclined gamer. Maybe I just like taking it easy every now and again.

Whoops, nearly forgot to talk about my job search. It was actually pretty interesting today. I was doing my regular check through Craigslist and sending resumes to potential jobs when I get a call from one of those emails. It’s pretty rare for me to get a call 20-30mins after I send an email. So, I was definitely surprised. They told me that they really liked what they saw on my resume and there was a higher than normal chance they’d be getting in touch with me in the next several weeks. I can only hope that’s the case. It was still pretty weird but I’m hopeful about it! About all I can be at this point ;). The job search continues as well as ideas for TLW Tech. I just wish one or the other would break through at this point.

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