A Paladin’s Friday: A Little Revenue Trickle In…

Jahna is extremely cute in the morning, what can I say.

Jahna is extremely cute in the morning, what can I say.

All play and no work makes Tim a dull boy.

You know, as much as I might have dreamed of wanting to do nothing but play videogames when I was in highschool, the reality is not nearly as great as my imagination. Oh don’t get me wrong, videogames are still fun but if you never work, it really drains on you. That and having no cash to spend on anything isn’t any fun either. So…yeah. Anyway, I finally got a call today for TLW Tech. It was initially only one call but I got a second one during the first one and it turned into an all-day-deal. I’m very happy to finally have some income. If I could just get this more than once every now and again, I would be even happier. Still, not going to complain. This is how you end February. On a high note.

Jahna accompanied me on the trip and behaved herself. She’s a really good passenger fortunately. Even if she wants to constantly lay on your lap or lean on your arm. And sit in the drivers seat when you get out of the car even though that isn’t obviously her seat. She also got to meet a few dogs that were my client’s.

This is all I’ve got to talk about today as I’m tired and my brain is short for subjects. But I wanted to keep myself to a schedule. Even if it is a really short blog post. Hey, sometimes, there just isn’t anything to talk about. Not my fault. Everyone have an excellent weekend and I’ll see you in March!

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It’s been a very slow end to the week surprisingly…nothing to reshare here.

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