A Paladin’s Wednesday: What’s Up is the Sky…Not Much Else To Be Quite Honest Here……

My bed puppy, not yours. Am I intentionally adding photos of Jahna to get more clicks? Yes. Does it hurt you? Not a bit ;).

My bed, puppy, not yours.
Am I intentionally adding photos of Jahna to get more clicks? Yes. Does it hurt you? Not a bit ;). Enjoy!

Ok, ok, that title may sound like you’re in for another depression-laden post but nah, it won’t have any of that. It was just the title I decided to go with on this one.

It’s actually something a friend of mine says when I ask him what’s up and it irritates me every time he says it. He knows it too… Anyway, as dreadful as that title sounds, it hasn’t been a bad couple of days. The weather has actually improved and I’ve gotten quite a bit of work done. I just wish it was paid work. Ok, technically, all projects I work on right now are paid. It’s just so small that Google Adsense laughs everytime I check. Though when I check, I’ve made a total of: $0.02. My YouTube channel has technically been more profitable hahaha. It’s made $7+. Yup, a lot of money made right there. I should quit my day jo….oh wait. Ah well, it’s amusing to look at. Ok, true that I’ve only had the site for a month hosted by my friend so it’s a really unfair comparison. I’ll celebrate when I get $1. 🙂

Job hunt continues as well as it always has. I applied to…5 more Craigslist ads and Best Buy. I tried applying other big businesses like Best Buy but they didn’t have open positions in my area. I really don’t see the point of sending an application in to stores that don’t have open positions for that off-chance that a position might open up. It would be one thing if it was just a simple resume but big businesses like these make you do those personality/moral questionnaires. With such questions like: “what do you believe is the best way to succeed in a business: hard work, knowing the right people, great attitude or luck”. I kid you not, they actually ask the luck part. I hate these questionnaires because I wonder how really effective are those at filtering out the people you don’t want to work for your business. I mean, I could just BS the entire thing and get a job. Then how effective is your questionnaire then hmmm?? Oh well. But that’s why. With over 50-100 questions to answer, it sucks a surprisingly high amount of time out of my day for little hope of results. Maybe that’s why they do it, to stop people from simply sending resumes to them.

All that being said, I will check back regularly to see if anything opens up around me.

The job search continues and I’m dubious about my chances of getting the job I interviewed in person for. Ok, there’s still a chance as they haven’t actually called me yet but few businesses call me back when they realize I’m not what they want. I can still count on two hands how many times businesses have sent a letter back, much less given me a phone call.

Not much to talk about gaming wise. Still addicted to the SMITE drug. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great and enjoyable game but it sucks up hours out of my weeks. It always happens when I get into a good multiplayer game, which is why I avoided playing them during college because I can imagine my grades absolutely tanking if I was still playing SMITE.

Hope everyone has had a great Wednesday, talk to you later!

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  1. Those questionnaires are actually less about “would we get along with this person” and more about “does this person meet the psychological profile of a theif”. Also, I’ve typically had more success by answering what I think they want to hear rather than with the truth.

    • Yeah, that doesn’t surprise me that they want to hear certain answers. It’s pretty much what I’ve done thus far.

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