A Paladin’s Monday: Proverbially Slapping Myself and more…

Jahna was very tired this morning. Poor wittle puppy.

Jahna was very tired this morning. Poor wittle puppy.

Let’s talk about stuff, news and games. Man, what a week.

Yup, going a week without posting anything yet again. I had another period where I was feeling down. And it wasn’t until a friend proverbially slapped me up the head that I started getting back into the groove of things. Apologies about that. It happens from time to time and there isn’t much I can do about it when it does happen. I’ve just had a lot of frustrations with my job search and everything else going on. I let it get to me. I really shouldn’t have but I did.

I said I was going to be taking things to the next level for the blog/channel and I have every intention of doing it. I’m going to be working hard on that this week and hopefully you’ll see some content come out of it. I’ve been stuck in a bit of limbo as I’ll be discussing in my next video for the channel and you’ll get to hear what’s coming next then as well. But the short version is that Linux troubles and a bad mood have been causing a lot of pauses in my production. But I won’t be touching Linux at all this week so I can get the blog and channel back up and running again.

Job search has been fairly meh. I’ve had a bunch more interview calls and one in-person interview. That in-person interview was 2.5 hours of driving for a 10min interview. I’m not really hopeful but I’ll find out tomorrow. Or the next day. This whole job search has been extremely frustrating and unproductive. I just wish I knew what I was doing wrong to not land these interviews.

Unsurprisingly, I’ve been playing a fair amount of SMITE. I reached level 30 so now I can do ranked matches and playing with my friends should get a lot less weird matchmaking that we would get when playing with me. I’ve been playing a lot of 3v3 Joust and Conquest and really enjoying both modes. Though, it’s clear that my friends prefer Joust over Conquest. Which, hey, I can’t blame them. Conquest can be kind of crappy to play when you play for 50mins and then lose. Not a fun deal. Jousts are far shorter by comparison most of the time and are plenty of fun. Maybe for us, it’s better to do Joust so that we can get the kinks worked out of our god and team plays.

I’ve also been playing more Bionic Dues and I’ve got some interesting thoughts about it, which I’ll share at a later date. I’ve also started seriously playing Metal Gear Rising: REVENGEANCE. Yeah, that game. I don’t have any thoughts to share other than I’ve finally started getting a hand on the combat system and it’s really fun. Add on that and the story and it’s really not too shabby. I’ll have more to talk about when I’ve played more of the game. The voice acting is a bit cringe-worthy though…but that’s Metal Gear for you.

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