A Paladin’s Late Night Gaming: Rise of the Triad (2013 remake) Quick Thoughts…

It seems to get me writing blog posts, all I have to do is starting working on a Google+ post. Then I’ll wonder, why don’t I just write it on my blog? Thus this post was born. This is NOT a review of Rise of the Triad 2013 remake. Let me repeat this in bold: This is not a review of Rise of the Triad, the 2013 remake from Apogee/Interceptor Entertainment. These are my quick thoughts on playing the first couple of levels and trying to do multiplayer before I go to sleep. If you’re expecting a “fair”/full review of this game, I’d go elsewhere. This isn’t it. I want this distinction to be very clear before I write this post out. Ok? Ok, I’ve got that warning out of the way.


Why am I talking about ROTT at 11:45pm PST on a Saturday? I sometimes grab random games in my to-do list to try out and see if they’re any good. ROTT wasn’t on the upper part of that list but I figured, why not? Well, I found out why not.

So, I don’t remember if I got Rise of the Triad gifted to me or what but…yeah… I know I got it around the previous Steam Christmas sale. I’ll have to check my receipts to see how I got it. *checks receipts* Ok good, I bought it on sale for the low price of $2.99. Or not so good, that $2.99 could have gone to something else.


Look at the awful textures on display.

I didn’t have a ton of expectations of ROTT (Rise of the Triad). I only knew that it was a remake of a very old game that was on PC years ago. One that still had a very small community behind it. The fact that Apogee still exists in some way blows my mind. I was under the impression the publisher had been absorbed by a current AAA publisher and no longer existed. Apparently, I was wrong as this company still exists in a very limited fashion. But what about ROTT? Well…

To be blunt, this game is pretty awful. A game clearly made with a lot of nostalgia glasses behind it. So many conflicting design philosophies. It wants to be as fast as Serious Sam but as slow as a Modern Warfare shooter. It wants to feel modern while also clinging to it’s roots. Which, all of this would be fine if there weren’t some serious problems with this game.

The combat is awful. The guns feel very weak, the sound assets are weak and the satisfaction just isn’t there. Not to mention that the enemies are brain-dead. Simply charging at you and shooting till you die or they die. In addition, all of the enemies have hit-scan weapons and are hard if not impossible to avoid their shots. Which makes running around suicidal because there will be some enemy in some corner that you can’t see shooting you. It’s really mind boggling to see such a terrible combat system being considered ok with a remake. And really, it’s just unsatisfying killing pixels in this game. I have never been so confused as to why this game is so unsatisfactory to play. It just hasn’t happened with a game like this in the past. Usually there’s something in a game that can be fun but when I get an RPG (rather early), I just go “ho-hum”. How can that be?

Worst part is, it has first person platforming and tons of it. So much awful fps platforming. I do not like First Person Platforming at all. It drives me nuts when I have to suffer through it in games like Half Life. This is the one thing I am truly thankful I didn’t have to suffer through back in the day. But to see it un-apologetically in a game like this in today’s gaming scene? No. Just…no. It slows the pace of the game down to a crawl as you try to get on these tiny little platforms all over the level(s). But if you’re off by just a tiny bit, you’ll miss and fall back to earth. And they also act as elevators too! Why?! Why on Earth, in a fast paced FPS game, would you have tiny elevators like this that if you’re not in the precise center of the dang thing, you’ll either hit your head on the roof and fall off or go too fast and still fall off. WHY?! WHY DO YOU CONSIDER THIS TO BE FUN AT ALL?!

These tiny platforms....are the worst thing ever made.

These tiny platforms….are the worst thing ever made.


That’s multiplayer online. Not much to speak of. Granted, apparently you need to login to an account but I wasn’t in the mood to set it up. The only public servers are few and far between and the lag is so horrendously terrible that even if someone were playing on them, it’d be a joke to fight. It might be better if you get involved with the community, I will grant that. But the game itself doesn’t give me a lot of reasons too…

Even disregarding multiplayer issues aside, that doesn’t get rid of the fact that the mechanics in this game just don’t hold up. The guns feel uninspired and so does the combat. The graphics aren’t impressive and are downright ugly for an Unreal Engine game. Music is just generic rock music. Really generic rock/metal music. There are performance problems too which is bemusing considering how low-fi the game is. There’s little to redeem about this game. Except, maybe the options menu.

It’s not that I shouldn’t be surprised there are terrible games still being made today. We’ve had many come out on Steam over the past couple of months that I really wonder what Valve is thinking. But this is a game that was remade without a big publisher behind it and to me, it makes me wonder why they didn’t do a better job. I’m sure they would argue with me that this was a fan-made passion project and ok, fine. That’s all fine and dandy, but you’re selling it for $14.99 on Steam. I kind of expect a better game than this. There are plenty of FPS fast-paced games on the market right now and your game simply doesn’t impress.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my “quick” thoughts/rant on ROTT. If you’re interested in seeing more posts like this with me posting way-too-late for my own good, leave a comment. Or, if you’d like to defend/comment on the game, please, I’d like to hear to hear what you have to say.

Thanks for reading!


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