A Paladin’s Valentines: Trying to Keep Happy and Techy…

Jahna was a very lazy puppy this morning but she perked up real fast tonight. Ergh.

Jahna was a very lazy puppy this morning but she perked up real fast tonight. Ergh.

Ugh. Valentines Day. Do I really need to say much more than that? Oh right, you and I expect more. Fine…..

As I get older, Valentines Day only becomes a more painful reminder of what I haven’t done in my life. It’s completely silly. It’s a commercial holiday designed to sell candy and etc. It really shouldn’t bother me. But it does. It’s just a reminder that I’m still single going on nearly 24 years. Should that really bother me? No. No it shouldn’t. But it does because I’d like to experience being in a relationship. (Although my brothers will tell you that I’ve been in a long-term relationship with my computer -_-). Not entirely sure why I feel like being open about this but I guess I am. It’s…well…I haven’t really tried to get a GF. Problem is, I have a hard enough time making friends. To get even a girl _ friend is difficult enough. So, I’d much rather keep them a friend then risk it. Plus, I’ve never gotten the impression that they’ve ever wanted to take it to the next level. Unless, they have been giving me signs and I’ve been too obstinate/clueless to pick up on those signals. It’s entirely possible. I’ve always guessed that you’d have to hit me with a steel 2×4 in order for me to notice that you have feelings for me. I don’t know.

Again, it shouldn’t bother me but it does right around this time because everyone is talking about it. And I feel left out. I don’t write any of this hoping that you’ll take pity on me. I’m just thinking out loud for the most part. I don’t think any lower of myself because I’m single. Being single right now is probably for the best. I have too many issues before I open that can of worms. My life is in too much of a state of flux. I’m in-between jobs. And heck, some of the better people in history were single. Maybe they’re onto something. ;). So yeah, this is my least favorite holiday of the year. Let’s get this on a happier note.

Oh the job front. It’s been really kinda stupid this past week. I’ve had a couple of job interviews and a couple of emails saying they’ll interview me, only to not do that. At the end of the week, I have nothing. I remain frustratingly unemployed despite all the work I put into it this week. The good news is though that I have finally have a job for TLW Tech next week. So I’m finally going to get some income after two weeks of nada.

One thing that I did to avoid thinking about today was burying myself in Linux work. I switched my main desktop back to a KDE setup instead of Cinnamon. While I like Cinnamon, it lacks the flexibility that I like in KDE. It’s still the same distro, Korora. After a stupid error on my part with the Nvidia drivers, it’s up and running again. After a quick jaunt to the store, I enjoyed some time with my friends on SMITE. Played some kickass 3v3 with me playing Geb. All in all, not a bad day.

Despite my commiserating on my feelings for today, I wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day and great weekend. Keep safe out there, ok?

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