A Paladin’s Valentines: Opinions on 2014 Steam Sale for Valentines Day…


It’s Valentines Day. I have more thoughts on that with today’s later post but if you’re wanting my opinion on today’s Steam Sale, here goes. These are quick thoughts. You can find the Steam Sale page here: http://store.steampowered.com/sale/Valentines

  • Girls like Robots: I have no freaking idea what this game is about. Apparently it came out today and it’s a casual puzzle game. Initial impressions aren’t good but at least it’s cross-platform…that’s something.
  • Long Live the Queen: Anime Visual Novel cross-platform game that has elements of…strategy? simulation? and other things in it. I’m not really into this genre despite my likings of the anime scene. Overall sentiments I’ve heard are a giant: meh. And slight bemusement.
  • Gone Home: Cross-platform first person environmental exploration game where you spend a couple of hours exploring a fairly giant house, learning about the family that lives there. I’m not convinced that it’s worth the price and I’m still not sure what my full feelings on it are. I’m considering doing a review/blog piece on it later on, to see if I can solidify my feelings on it. Keep in mind that it’s not well optimized and slightly buggy and only lasts two hours.
  • Dear Esther: I’ve said in the past that this game is basically the Oregon Coast experience except with a lot more pretentiousness and a lot less exercise. You walk around and that’s about it. A First Person environmental “exploration” game if you can call it that. If you really want a game like this, get Gone Home first. Then don’t bother with Dear Esther as it barely has anything going for it. It’s still a game…if only barely.
  • Alan Wake: 3rd person shooter/horror game following the adventures of a best-selling writer who’s wife disappears on their vacation. Animations haven’t held up well but it’s got a fantastic PC port and I think it’s well worth your time. Especially at $4.49. I don’t particularly recommend the Expansion (Alan Wake’s American Nightmare) as it feels like a cheap cash-in that takes a massive step backwards on the franchise and has a lot of issues.
  • Analogue: A Hate Story: Anime Visual Novel game that has piqued my interest in the past and even more so now that it’s available for Linux at a paltry $1.99. Contemplating getting it. I’ve heard fairly good things about it.
  • The novelist: Cross platform first person game where you’re a ghost following around a novelist and his family. It’s fairly controversial game but I’ve heard fairly good things about it. Not sure if I’ll get it and not sure if it’s worth your time but it is a very unique game from what I’ve heard.
  • 7 Grand Steps: I have no idea what this game is about. It looks like a board game on PC. This is one game I just can’t tell you anything about.
  • Redshirt: Comedy Sci-Fi sim about social networking aboard a space station. Having never played this game before, it’s probably got the same issues that a lot of Positech games do. Interesting and unique concept for a game that executes poorly and just isn’t that fun to play. (Positech has made Gratuitous Space/Tank Battles). Whether you get it is up to you but I neither recommend/don’t recommend it right now.
  • Thirty Flights of Lovin: A very very very very very odd game from all that I’ve seen and heard about the game. I just haven’t gotten around to playing it for myself. It isn’t a long game either.

Ok, see you guys later today with a new A Paladin’s Series. Have a good Valentines Day!


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