A Paladin’s Quick Update: My Blog is Technically 100% Complete!…

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Huzzah! The move is officially complete…sort of. Maybe. Kind of. Screw it! I’m calling it finished.

Ok, on a more serious note I’ve fixed up the website to suck less. The home page and right sidebar no longer have missing features and now have been fixed up. The home page got the most amount of changes. I removed the latest posts list on it and added links to my other projects and my other channels like YouTube and Twitch. I also overhauled my categories and the right side-bar though more widgets will probably be added later down the line.

Yay, advertisements. Wooo. I know, it’s not exciting to see ads on my blog and even I’m not thrilled but it’s a way to generate revenue, plain and simple. I’m going to be looking for different ways of generating revenue via Affiliate programs or different advertising companies. For now, it’s Google Adwords. Whether that remains, well, will be seen. This all goes to supporting the blog. The advertisements will always be clearly labeled as advertisements. I will also add that the SMITE “advert” to the right there is an affiliate link for the game. So that’s the only reason it’s there. I will probably always have an affiliate link to a multiplayer game that I’m currently playing.

I will be keeping the advertisements to a very reasonable level. Right now, that’s two of them: on the side and bottom of every page. I think that’s more than reasonable for what you get out of the blog. There will be no ads that overlay over the screen and none of those “LIKE US ON FACEBOOK NOW!!!!!!!!” popups that show up on blogs you’ve visited at least once in your life online. Disregarding that A Paladin doesn’t and never will have a Facebook Page, I hate those popups. They are annoying and irritating to deal with so I won’t subject any of you to them.

The reason this fix-up took so long is that I’ve been gaming quite a bit more than I should have and when I do that, well, working on the website kind of gets pushed to the side. Whoops. My bad. So that’s the only reason why. I’m lazy. đŸ˜‰

Future plans? Well, to see what I can do with WordPress.org. Which if my work with my TLW Tech website have shown me…that is anything and everything haha. I’m going to see what clever or creative things I can do but that will wait until later when I’m generating regular content for the website. I also want to get around to making regular updates to the pages above but I’m not sure when that’ll happen. And that’s pretty much it.

Oh and please let me know if you notice anything weird or wonky going on the website and I’ll fix it asap. Unless it’s intentional. (But I doubt that it is).

So enjoy a fixed website and more content coming this week! Thanks for dealing with the construction work for a couple of weeks.


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