A Paladin’s Winter Storm: Snow. It’s not just for the Winter Olympics…

One of the better photos I took before my phone got frighteningly wet with snow. Still waiting for the rest to upload.

One of the better photos I took before my phone got frighteningly wet with snow. Still waiting for the rest to upload.

Snow has come at last and to me, it feels a bit late in the season. I dunno, this Winter has just been too bizarre.

Wow this weather is crazy. So, my Mom and I had business to attend to in Tillamook today and we decided to risk going out there before the snow storm hit hard. For myself, it was mostly advertising stuff for TLW Tech. Well, we got all of our stuff done but by the time we came back home, the snow came down hard. That made the drive back a little…risky. We came back safe and sound but I don’t want to repeat that experience anytime soon. It was definitely trying.

Jahna making a turn in the snow

Jahna making a turn in the snow

Well, we got back home and took puppy out into the snow. Jahna loved it as you can see above. Apparently short-furred puppies are not deterred by a bit of cold. It was quite hilarious seeing her whiskers covered with snow as she dug around trying to find the kong. Silly puppy. For the time being, I’m putting TLW Tech on pause until the winter weather passes. It’s not like I’m going to be making house calls in this weather.

Not watching the Olympics this year. I used to watch the opening ceremony and some events from time-to-time but this year I’m giving it all a complete pass. Last Olympic event pissed me off. The US broadcast had some of the worst commercialization I’ve ever seen. Even worse than the Superbowl, if that can be managed. At least the Superbowl creates ads for the event. For the most part, advertisers couldn’t be bothered for the Olympics. Add on some of the worst commentators I’ve ever heard (they just kept on talking over the ceremony) and a stupid interview with Michael Phelps in the middle of the ceremony and I’m too furious to watch another Olympics from the US’s side. Not to mention, the interview with Phelps was done to censor a part of the opening ceremony that the US wouldn’t be comfortable with. Bravo United States of America and NBC for continuing to push free speech to the rest of the world. Oh wait… Further insult to injury, it was an interview done by Ryan Seacrest. *sigh*. Anyway, that’s why I’m not watching this year.

SMITE is still on the brain and I’ve been playing a bunch of Athena lately to get my skill up on her. I’ve tried playing her in the past but could never get the handle on her. I don’t really think I gave her a fair shake either. So, I decided to try again, what with Hi-Rez releasing two new skins for her. The new patch is out today and it includes those skins and the new god “Nemesis” who I think I might really enjoy from what I’ve played of her. There is so much to enjoy in SMITE right now and I’m loving it.

That said, SMITE isn’t the only game I’ve been playing. I’m supposed to be streaming System Shock but schedule conflicts keep happening. But I’ll probably be trying tomorrow afternoon since the snow is going to keep me inside mostly. I’m also picking up Kohan: Ahriman’s Gift, which is an old-school RTS, as my strategy game flavor of the month. I haven’t decided what the next game I’m going to try and complete is going to be. But I’m leaning towards trying to complete Bionic Dues. So much to do! Gah!

Thanks for reading as always and I hope you in the Oregons enjoy the snow!

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