A Paladin’s Monday: Thoughts on Microsoft and Viruses…

A photo of my brother that I took on the top of Multnomah Falls. This is one of my favorite that I've taken recently.

A photo of my brother that I took on the top of Multnomah Falls. This is one of my favorite that I’ve taken recently.

It’s never more annoying to make a trip into town to a business that’s supposed to be open, only to find out that the business is closed for the day. It’s especially aggravating when the business is a hour away from where you live. Yeah, that really rubs me the wrong way. Oh well, nothing I can do about it right now.

I’ve been helping some friends with their computer woes today. Another computer afflicted with AVG and its complete incompetence at protecting their computer from virus dangers. I’m beginning to wonder how many computers in the entire Tillamook County…..nay, the entire world are this horribly infected with viruses, worms and malware. Avast Antivirus claims to have 25million users now. I don’t know what Trend Micro or other antivirus makers claim to have for numbers, but if it’s comparable to Avast, that is not nearly enough users being protected. Not even remotely. So, it should be little surprise to anyone that people are making viruses. After all, if you have so many computers out there with so little protection, wouldn’t you? Especially if you’re getting money off of it? It’s a gold mine. And it’s sad how little Microsoft is doing to actively protect it’s own users from harm. Apple has been stepping it up so I’ll give them credit for that. Even Linux developers are creating protective software long before viruses and other issues become a serious issue for the Linux environment. So, I have to ask Microsoft: why are you doing so little when you’re making so much money from the OSes? (Or at least, you used to). And no, Security Essentials is not nearly doing a good enough job.

At any rate, I was happy to help the friends with their problems and I can only hope that it keeps their aging computer running a little bit longer. I think that’s enough of a conversation on antivirus. I don’t have anything else to talk about as this has all that’s been on my mind today. Hope everyone else has had a great Monday!

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