A Paladin’s Wednesday: Taxes, Taxes and more…Faxes? Paxes? Maxes? TeknoCratixes?

Apparently I’m going with a weird title today. Also, I need to take more photos. I don’t know why, but I haven’t been taking any photos when I’m even on walks or photos of the puppy. But it’s why I don’t have any photos. I’m going to attribute it to laziness. On with the post.

Ahh this is such a great week! I’ve gotten so much done. This week has been working on taxes and financial organization. Yup, getting an early start on Taxes this year. It’s actually not that unusual for me to do taxes in January. Mostly because FAFSA, Federal Student Aid program, requires that we get our tax information back as soon as possible to determine what we deserve for grants and what not. So even though it’s not required that I do it that early this year, what with me being out of college, I still have 0 interest in doing it at the last minute. Besides, January is a pretty slow month in general and I might as well get this pain-in-the-neck process out of the way during it. I’m 95% done, I just need to double check some numbers and make sure I have all the information in order. But that’s what I’ve spent the majority of my time on yesterday and today.

I’m also switching from Mint.com to GnuCash, a cross platform open-source app that will handle my finances from now on. I’ve been mostly unorganized with my finances over the years. I have a pretty good idea of what I bring in and what goes out, keeps me from going into debt. But I need to start keeping a record and holding myself accountable. I might keep Mint.com as a secondary warning system but I’m not really comfortable with them having access to my bank accounts so I’ll probably pull the account. So, if you’re looking for a free version of Quicken, give Gnucash a go. It’s not that hard at all to figure out.

Yesterday, I had a long recording session with my good friend Dangelus for TeknoCratik. We talked at length about the Steam streaming news, Chrome apps on Android and I reviewed the Google Chromebook as well. It was a lot of fun though a bit weird for reasons you’ll find out soon. It’d be spoiling what we did new this time around ^_^. I’ll post that here when Dan gets around to editing it up and publishing it. Initial report from him is that the recording came out well.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Nothing glamorous but apparently important so that the IRS doesn’t come knocking on my door ;).

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