A Paladin’s Monday: Lots of work done for my business plus Twitch.TV Streaming Update…

Lots of work done for TLW Tech.

Lots of work done for TLW Tech.

Going to talk about what I’ve been up to today and an update on my Twitch.TV streaming.

I’ve had a really good productive day today. Got my exercise in too, go figure. I got a bunch of resumes thrown out into the wild and an application. Thrown in with everything else I’ve been up to today, I consider it a win. Now, if every day could be like that, I’d be happy.

I did a lot of work for TLW Tech Services. I’ve gotten some more quotes on advertising and I’ve got another ad in a local business advertiser that reaches a lot of people that I’m really hopeful for. It works similarly to a paper I’ve been advertising in back in Tillamook and that’s gotten me plenty of hits. So, here’s hoping that this one pans out. I also did a ton of work to www.tlwtechservices.com. Added more information to all the pages and adding two new pages. The two new pages are customer reviews and Cities Officially Supported. I wanted to get a customer reviews page up because I think it adds some legitimacy to my business if people can see what others have said without needing a Facebook/Google+ profile. Whether it’s actually a good idea remains to be seen. The other page is something I thought up today, cities that I officially support. This came with an expansion into five cities now. The map is really quite neat thanks to a plugin that I could install into the website. I won’t be expanding beyond these cities for the foreseeable future as I really want to focus on making my business better and expanding my advertising.

So yeah, today has been really great. Thanks for the support everyone!

Twitch.TV Streaming Update:

Did a System Shock stream today and got a good chunk of progress in. Now that Twitch.tv’s problems seem to have calmed down, that should become a regular thing. I’m going to be aiming for twice to three times a week around 1pm-3pm PST from now on. Doing it around 7pm PST was messing with my schedule too much and pretty much voids half of my potential audience from showing up. Doing it in the afternoon just makes sense and gives those on the east coast and in Europe a chance to watch it. I’m not guaranteeing that it stays this way forever but I’m going to try. I will not be setting the days I’m doing it on. It will be when I have a break in the day to do it. My schedule is way too fluid to promise something like Monday-Tuesday-Friday, especially for something in the afternoon. I often get called out in the morning to do a job in the afternoon. So, you see my issue then. But, you’ll get notice on my social media of when it’s happening in advance.

I would talk about what games I’ll be streaming next, but I haven’t talked with a certain person to see if they want to do the next game with me or not. Plus, I’m still debating doing the game I’ve got planned after that one. The only reason I would do the third game on my list is because you people enjoy watching me suffer through System Shock and I’ve gotten requests for this game. Bunch of crazy people, you are. But I’ve got strong personal reasons for not uploading this game to YouTube and while Twitch.TV isn’t YouTube, it’s close enough. No, it’s not any of the Bioshocks. But that’s all the hints I’m giving you. Suffering, horror and not Bioshock. Probably said too much. Anyway, that’s TBD right now.

YouTube Channel Update: 

I’ve got the recording part of my setup for Linux figured out, I think. However, the tricky part is learning a whole new video editor program and that’s going to take time. It’s probably not going to happen soon because I’ve got other priorities to deal with right now. But I’ll keep you guys in on the loop of that project. Gareth and I did record a bunch of Portal 2 footage over the weekend so that’ll help keep the channel from drying up of content during this transition.

Oh and I’ve got yet another copyright claim on my channel. See the Google+ post below to get more information on it.

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