A Paladin’s Friday: More Linux and More Work…All the Time…

Bit of an old photo of Jahna but I haven't gone through them and uploaded them to FB/G+ just yet.

Bit of an old photo of Jahna but I haven’t gone through them and uploaded them to FB/G+ just yet.

I’m trying to remember where I’ve heard the title reference from before. It’s just not coming to me.

Yay! I’m actually going to be consistent with my blog and video postings this week. Huzzah! Now watch as I completely screw it up next week! Hahaha. Nah, just kidding. That shouldn’t happen. But I’ll bet I just jinxed myself by saying all of that. Way to go me. Also, no comment on the “Googlegeddon” that happened earlier today where no one could access G+/Gmail/Hangouts for about an hour. It happens, it’s not a big deal. The amount of fuss these tech websites make about a service dying for maybe an hour is just a tad silly. I barely even noticed it. Now, had they been down for a good chunk of the day or more, THEN that would have been newsworthy.

Sent out a resume for a potential job contract and created an ad in a local newspaper for TLW Tech today. That combined with the Arch stuff I talk about below has made for a very productive day. Yesterday wasn’t too bad either between the job search and cleaning up the place. I’ve got some sources to follow up on next week.

Weather is starting to get better but it’s still really cold. But at least I’ve managed to keep my exercise consistent. I’m hoping to do both walking/running and stretching exercises next week. All part of getting healthier. Yay.

Gaming: SMITE and L4D2 PVP. I sometimes still get the chance to do L4D2 PVP and that’s pretty fun. This time we had seven people but my team got it’s face stomped in. Ah well. SMITE is fun as always. I’ve mastered 8 gods now and am level 23. Btw, I’ve added a referral link if you want to join in on the action and fun! ^_^

Linux Chit-Chat:

So I’ve installed Arch Linux on my second computer and the process went just fine. Once I figured out that I was at the wrong instruction wiki at any rate >_<. After getting it installed, I went looking up what it would take to install some other things on it and then called it a night. It’s definitely one of the strangest processes I’ve ever done with any kind of software, but also kind of fun. I’m aiming to have this Arch box be my server box to run things like ownCloud, Mumble Server and other open source programs. So hopefully, that works out well because it might be relevant for my TLW Tech business.

Korora Update: The Korora install is coming along nicely and I’m getting the hang of the Fedora quirks now. I’m still not 100% happy with it but that’ll take weeks of tweaking to get everything how I want. I installed Silverlight/Pipelight for Netflix and that seems to be working. But really Netflix, it’s time to drop Silverlight. That I have to install a program through four or five steps for a video streaming site is extremely silly. If you’re hoping that Silverlight is protecting your videos from pirates, here’s a few things: 1) That doesn’t stop piracy AFAIK. 2) Your streams aren’t that good in comparison to other legit sources online. To say your videos are 720p is a stretch…

But I digress, Korora is working with me just nicely and not breaking whenever I push it. So I’m happy about that. I’m starting to get to know OpenShot which is good because I think it’ll be my video editor of choice this year. Especially once the v2.0 update hits later on.

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