A Paladin’s Wednesday: Keeping it Real Busy…

My new TLW Tech Services business cards arrived yesterday. They are so very snazzy ^_^.

My new TLW Tech Services business cards arrived yesterday. They are so very snazzy ^_^.

FYI, this is a legit real post now. Not a random reshare of some old post I did way back in the day.

Jetpack, the program that handles resharing my posts as well as other things, decided to randomly reshare some of older posts yesterday. They seem to have fixed it for now but it was amusing seeing me post my review of Deus Ex: Human Revolution again.

I haven’t been able to do any work on the blog for the past couple of days because I’ve been busy looking for work or doing actual work. Which I did have a job today so woot! Gah, I just wish I was getting more consistent work by now but its been frustratingly slow on that front. But I’m going to look into stickers/magnets for my truck to advertise the business. Now that I have a logo and a name, I can do that.

My Korora install seems to be holding and not giving me any troubles, which makes me really happy. Something I haven’t talked about lately is my Windows-side of things and I’ve gone 95% free and open source now. Besides the drivers, I’ve only got a few proprietary programs on my Windows system. I no longer allow Java, Adobe Reader or Adobe Flash to be installed on my machine. Which gets rid of a lot of nagging and security flaws that are in those programs. The last proprietary programs remaining are Dropbox, Fences, Dxtory, Google Chrome and games. Granted, I’m getting around the Adobe Flash requirement by using Chrome so that is slightly cheating I’ll admit. The rest of the software I have installed is open source which I’m more than happily using. SumatraPDF, Thunderbird, WinDirStat, VLC, Rainmeter and more. The only reason I continue using Windows is games really. But even that is changing and 60 out of 193 of my games are now on Linux on Steam.

Not sure what I’ll be doing over the next couple of days. But I hope you all are doing well this week.

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