A Paladin’s Monday: Job Hunt Weirdness, Google Adsense and I’m Linux Distro Hopping Again…

KingIsaacLinksr Transparent Head BlueBack to the normal this week. I hope. Read on…

Alrighty, I think I can get into the groove of things again this week. Provided I don’t start another website haha. I’m still in this weird phase of working on getting the websites setup and trying to get content published. With the recent Linux — Nvidia issues I’ve been having lately, that hasn’t been helping. On top of job searching and SMITE gaming, my schedule is pretty darn full.

Job hunt is progressing along. I got a call from a guy with a really thick India accent this morning at 8 and I could barely make out what he was saying. It didn’t help his case that it sounded like he was in the middle of a call center. From what I could tell, he was wondering if I would be interested in a contract job in Beaverton. However, as the conversation continued, he not only got my name wrong, he got my phone number wrong (how?!), my job experience way off (Best Buy managerial experience? Not likely) and was just generally hard to make out. I just gave up and hung up on him. You know, I expect a certain level of professionalism out of recruiters and if you can’t even get my name right, then I don’t want to have anything to do with your company. If you’re wondering how he probably got my resume, there is a resume of mine available publicly on Monster.com. Which has been bringing some emails and phone calls my way, so that’s something.

Some good (or bad, depending on your viewpoint) news, the website has been approved by Google Adsense to start displaying ads on here. So, I wouldn’t mind it if you could add this website to your adblocker’s whitelist. Yes, I realize that the ad to the right doesn’t fit the right column and I’m also aware that the front page one sticks out like a sore thumb. But I had to get something up in order for Adsense to approve the website. This will all be worked out later on when I get to it. I haven’t figured out what kind of advertising I’m going to be allowing. I’m also hoping to setup an affiliate store through Amazon, GOG or some other digital game store so you can buy games but also support me at the same time. That’s still in the research phase right now.

Games that I’ve been playing in my off hours: way too much SMITE for one. This is going to be my multiplayer game of 2014, that’s for sure. I’ve been having a lot of fun playing with friends of mine. I’m loving Geb, the newly released god from Hi-Rez, and I’m working on mastering more gods like Aphrodite and He Bo. However, I still need to work on my VGS memorization and not being terrible. Yeah, that’s a good goal. I also finished The Swapper recently which was a beautiful puzzle platformer. Though the story for it is….really odd. I think I can recommend it though I question how many more puzzle platformers I’m going to play before I get absolutely sick of them. The Swapper made me consider the question. Oh and of course, streaming System Shock. At least, when Twitch.TV isn’t bugging up for us smaller channels. Going to try and get a stream in tomorrow provided Twitch is up and running this time. Here’s hoping.

Linux Experiment Update:

(You can skip this if you have no interest in Linux)

I’ve been working on this move to Linux for a long time now and unfortunately, I’ve been running into infuriating problems. I moved from Solydk to Mint to see if I could fix some visual problems and mostly that worked. But, then I installed the Nvidia drivers and everything went to heck. For whatever reason, the X-server wasn’t handling the upgrade well at all. After upgrading to the new driver, it would be impossible to login to Mint and I couldn’t figure out a good solution. Well, a good solution that didn’t break the install even further. After discussing my problems at length with Dangelus, which he helped me find more resources on the matter, I decided to start over. Again. This time, I jumped over to the Korora Project, a distro based on Fedora. I installed it and everything seems to be working. For now. I went through all the steps I could think of to see if the nvidia drivers would break this distro, but so far it hasn’t blinked. Thankfully.

So why Korora? Well, I decided I’d try out the more bleeding-edge of the Linux distros to see if that would fix the issues I’ve been having with Debian-based distros. Korora says it works out of the box so I was willing to give Fedora a try as long as it wasn’t overly difficult to use. I don’t mind having a Linux challenge, but I don’t want to deal with that on my main machine right now. Especially since I want to find applications that work on Linux, not deal with a stubborn OS. I also like that this distro gives me a variety of different desktop environments to choose from. I grabbed the Cinnamon version mostly because I want to make sure this distro works for me before I setup a KDE-version that I’ll like. That said, I really like the Cinnamon desktop. Has a good melding of “pretty” and functionality. I don’t know, there’s just something about the environment that I really like and I was glad I could use it on Korora.

If Korora continues to work for me, then I’ll be working on my Arch installation later this week. The plan for Korora is to get the video recording setup and running. I actually have a few ideas for series to put up on the channel and one in particular was thought up today and I love it. No, I’m not going to tell you what it is, that would be spoilers! ;). As far as my Linux troubles go, I’m hoping the Nvidia drivers were the only reason I was having problems and that I’ve got that behind me. I’m fairly certain it was end-user error or the fact that I have a 660 TI-version of a Nvidia card. Either way, the Nvidia drivers have been the ONLY problem I’ve had with Linux thus far. When it has been working, I’ve been loving all of the features and apps I’ve been finding. So hopefully now, I can enjoy those features without having more stupid Nvidia problems.

Featured Google+ Posts

The following is just because: 😛

That’s all for today. I’m keeping in good spirits, in case you were wondering. It’s just been a challenging month on my technical abilities. Thanks for reading and until next time!…


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