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The Setting Sun

Picture I took of the setting sun

I haven’t done this for a while have I. Hello all and welcome back! Yeah, I took Christmas off….and then the first couple of weeks in January off. That wasn’t entirely intentional. But I’m back and ready to do this. So, today I started a new sort of regiment/schedule to keep me focused and productive during the entire week. I have a terrible practice of just doing whatever I feel like at that moment and that’s sucking up a lot of my time if I don’t do it right. So to give you an idea, each day has a shift of some kind. Like, in the morning I’ll look for jobs, then the afternoon will be spent on gaming or researching Linux practices and then the evening is all about blogging. That isn’t my schedule, but it gives you a fairly good idea of what I’m trying to accomplish. I’m going to give it a fair shot for the next couple of weeks to see how it goes.

Work is picking back up after a slump during Christmas. That was what I was expecting but it still bugged me to be that many weeks without work. Fortunately, once Christmas was past, I picked up some more jobs for the business and had a few potential contract jobs lined up. Unfortunately, they didn’t pan out. It’s just how it goes. Still, I’m just glad to be busy again. I’ve found a new way to potentially find customers for my TLW Tech business on Craigslist but I’ll let you know the results later on this week. It hasn’t been all happiness (been a few weeks of downer I’ll admit) but I’m keeping up.

I’ve been playing quite a few games lately but the biggest time sink has definitely been SMITE. Dang you Hi-Rez for sucking me back into your games, I just hope you don’t disappoint me like last time. I’ve completed Contrast, DLC Quest, Gone Home, Spec Ops: The Line and The Stanley Parable over the past three weeks. Contrast was disappointingly short and clearly very budget. DLC Quest was amusing but nearly overstayed it’s welcome. Gone Home….is a game I’m really conflicted on. Spec Ops: The Line was O_O and wow and…erk. I really didn’t see some of those twists coming. The Stanley Parable gave me a lot to think about and brought up some really good points about games and the relationship between developer and gamer. That’s a game that’ll stick with me as the year goes on.

On the to-do list for games is to continue improving in SMITE. The Swapper is up next for my solo play as well as Ironclad Tactics. The Swapper looks to be a gorgeous indie platformer and I’ve gotten quite a bit of amusement out of Ironclad Tactics. I’m just hoping Tactic keeps me intrigued the entire time because the concept is really neat. I’m also going to be getting my System Shock Twitch stream back up and running this week and I want to finish that game this month. I had planned on finishing it last month so it’s delaying me from playing System Shock 2, Amnesia and other games.

Alright, back into the groove, I am. I’ve got a regular schedule lined up for the blog but I won’t tell you so I don’t screw it up by accident. So expect some regular content for the foreseeable future! Thanks again for the Steam support, I’ve got another way to support A Paladin Without A Crusade being worked on right now. So keep your eyes and earns open for it.

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