A Paladin’s Recommendations: Steam Winter Sale 2013 Day 13…

Day thirteen and New Year’s Eve is here and we’ve got some fairly reasonable deals for you to pick from.

This series is about recommending or cautioning you about games on the Steam Daily Sale as well as any flash sales or other games on sale that catch my eye. Don’t forget that yesterday’s deals are still in effect for another 24 hours so check out my previous post for information on those. So let’s get onto day thirteen of this year’s sale.



  1. Half Life 2: I can’t imagine anyone reading this still hasn’t picked it up. At least, those who are into FPS games. This true cross-platform game is now 75% off and it runs really well on Linux. What are my opinions of Half Life 2….its…its been a long time since I played Half Life 2 and I’m not sure if my opinion would be the same now as it was back then. In fact, I’m almost certain it won’t be. But, it’s hailed as one of the great FPSes of our time so that’s got to mean something. I recommend you pick up Half Life Complete as that also gets you Half Life 1.
  2. Mark of the Ninja: One of the best 2D stealth games I’ve ever played, Mark of the Ninja has incredibly well polished stealth mechanics, a bit of an odd story and great graphics and atmosphere. If you’re into stealth games or want to check it out, this is the game to get. 80% off is a steal. The DLC is also 80% off so I highly recommend you get it to complete your Mark of the Ninja experience.
  3. XCOM: Enemy Unknown: XCOM is a game that I still remain conflicted on. It’s great that such a game came from a AAA developer and it’s well done, to a point. However, the game suffers from a multitude of bugs and gameplay issues that I had trouble ignoring. I found myself disagreeing with the small party you’re allowed to deploy and the gameplay starts getting very samey towards the end. Move forward really slowly and constantly activate overwatch. I never did finish the campaign on it either because of that since it’s the optimal strategy. If there is only one strategy that is usable towards the end, that doesn’t make it a very strategic game. The recent expansion DLC Enemy Within is only 50% off unfortunately. I haven’t tried that and it’s pretty unlikely I’ll get to it anytime soon.
  4. Super Meat Boy: One of the hardest sidescrolling platformers you’ll ever play that is still fair. SMB is not for the faint of heart when it comes to difficulty and you WILL want a controller and lots of patience/practice before you attempt this game. It’s still a great game though.
  5. A Valley Without Wind 1 & 2 Dual Pack: A Valley Without Wind 1 & 2 are best described thus: these are very experimental and in-depth platformers/metrovania-ish games with a secondary world building mechanic. Arcen Games has to be lauded for trying something original and while these games have their flaws, they are pretty well done games. Just keep in mind that these games aren’t perfect and I really only recommend them if you’re a platformer fan looking for something really unique. They’re sold together at 75% off right now so it can’t hurt to try!

Warning and Caution on these Games:

  1. Planetary Annihilation: This game is in early access and is not complete. Last report I heard is that it still has a very incomplete feeling to it and is quite buggy. So unless you really want to beta-test PA, this is a game to stay away from for the time being.
  2. Company of Heroes 2: A game with conflicting views on it, this sequel RTS is not what everyone was hoping for, so recommend you do your own research on it.

Hope you enjoyed this post, more recommendations coming tomorrow! This is also the last week of the Steam Christmas sale so keep that in mind.

Have a Happy New Year!


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