A Paladin’s Update: On the Results of the YouTube Copyright Claim Debacle…

Hey all, just wanted to update you on the latest situation with the YouTube channel:

The Copyright claim by the second company on the Shattered Haven episode music was dropped (without notifying me, but whatever). My three recent videos have yet to get hit with a copyright claim and neither have any of my previous videos. I will be keeping a watchful eye on it as well as YouTube’s actions over the next couple of months because that will determine my channel’s continued existence on the website. If YouTube continues to show little concern for it’s content creators livelihood, then I want nothing to do with the website. I am still considering a second website to upload my stuff to but it’s pretty low on the list of priorities now that things seem to have calmed down. I just want to be careful with the next website I upload my content to and make sure it won’t cause more headaches for me.

King’s Shattered Haven series has been fully recorded, edited and rendered. I’ve double checked everything to make sure it came out ok. There are only five more episodes in the series and that should be all uploaded by the end of January. I haven’t decided what will be coming to replace Shattered Haven as the running series but it’s on my mind. It was kind of hard to believe that my Shattered Haven series had finally come to an end. It’s a series that’s had a tough time and more technical issues than anything else I’ve committed to. But if anything, it represents the beginning of a new phase for the channel and I’m rather excited about what could be next.

My first priority is to replace my current software with something more up-to-date so I’ll be spending time this week and next to see what’s out there. In the mean time, you’ll be getting weekly video uploads of The Workshop Adventures and Shattered Haven. I’ll be going with a Wednesday and Saturday release schedule for the near future.

Thanks for watching! Let’s get 2014 kicked off with a great start!


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