A Paladin’s Recommendations: Steam Winter Sale 2013 Day 9…

Day nine is sure fine, let’s check out the latest steam deals coming right at you!

This series is about recommending or cautioning you about games on the Steam Daily Sale as well as any interesting GOG sales that might catch my eyes. I won’t bother with flash sales as those come and go too quickly. Don’t forget that yesterday’s deals are still in effect for another 24 hours so check out my previous post for information on those. So let’s get onto day two of this year’s sale.


  1. Portal 2 – I’m hardly unbiased when it comes to Portal 2. It was one of my favorite games of 2011 and still remains on my computer years after its initial release. Portal 2 is a FPS Puzzle game that was the sequel to the absolutely ridiculously popular Portal 1 game. Valve has continually supported it over the years and the co-op feature is very well done. Add on one of the biggest workshops on Steam and there is a ton of enjoyment to be gotten from Portal 2. I’m clocking in at 72 hours at the moment. So, if you enjoy FPSes and puzzles, check out Portal 2.
  2. Din’s Curse: A game in the style of Diablo and Diablo 2, this single and co-op multiplayer aRPG might not be the best looking game, but it has it where it counts. In the mechanics. It has over 141 class combinations, unique and dynamically generated levels and a fairly nice combat system. It also features a dynamic and living world. Things aren’t static all the time, your NPCs could die or the enemy could get stronger if you decide to sit around for too many hours. It’s got a lot to it for such an indie project and I had fun with it a while back.
  3. Waking Mars: One of my fond memories of 2012 was playing Waking Mars. It’s kind of an adventure farming game. Ok, that’s probably a terrible description but this Sci-Fi game is one of those rare games that doesn’t feature violence or killing. Rather, you grow ecosystems and watch how they react, while you try and figure out the puzzle of the Martian caverns. It’s a fun game that I highly recommend.
  4. GOG.com is currently featuring a very nice bundle of indie games that I believe are all worth checking out.

Warning and Caution on these Games:

  1. Resident Evil 6: I’m not really invested into the RE series like others are, but 6 was universally panned as an absolutely awful game so you’ll probably want to avoid this one.
  2. Orcs Must Die! 2: While I loved the original OMD, OMD2 is very co-op focused and there’s something I just don’t quite like about it. It also doesn’t help that they were initially looking to be very DLC-heavy but as I notice on the Steam page, they’ve only sold three other DLCs so I guess they decided not to go that route. From everything I’ve heard, this is only fun in co-op, otherwise it’s very frustrating to play.
  3. Prison Architect: While the game has a lot of positive support behind it, it is an Early Access game and you should be cautious about picking it up right now unless you want to beta test the game.
  4. Hitman: Absolution: I’ve heard mixed reviews on this game from both vets and new people to the series. I myself haven’t had the chance to get into the Hitman series and I don’t know when I’ll ever get that chance. Most of the mixed reviews talk about the great graphic fidelity but question some of the game mechanics put in. They also feel that the game is more limited in its scope than its predecessors as far as game mechanics and the variety of choices you have it when it comes to completing your missions.

Hope you enjoyed this post, more recommendations coming tomorrow!

Have a Merry Christmas!


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