A Paladin’s Recommendations: Steam Winter Sale 2013 Day 2…

Ahh Steam. You’re a lovely store service. But if there is one thing I haven’t been anticipating from you this year, it’s going through the agonizing torture of trying not to buy games from the Winter Sale. But here’s day two of the sale and the temptation is getting harder to resist. Hopefully just writing these recommendations will get rid of the temptation….it’s better than doing nothing >_<. This series is about recommending or cautioning you about games on the Steam Daily Sale as well as any interesting GOG sales that might catch my eyes. I won’t bother with flash sales as those come and go too quickly. Don’t forget that yesterday’s deals are still in effect for another 24 hours so check out my previous post for information on those. So let’s get onto day two of this year’s sale.


  1. Chivalry: If I had more time, I would have played Chivalry this year. This fast-paced medieval warfare game has up-close brutal FPS sword-swinging action. This game was probably hand-made for me and I’ve been completely unable to play it >_<. Gah. But, here’s your chance to play it. There isn’t any DLC you need to pay for and the developers have been actively improving the game since it’s initial release. It’s bloody, brutal and lots of fun. If you’re looking for a new MP game, this might be the one.
  2. AI War: Fleet Command & All DLC: AI War is a deep strategy game that I’ve played over 200+ hours and I’m still not done with it. If that recommendation isn’t enough, AI War has one of the best OSTs I’ve heard in a strategy game as well as being insanely good for multiplayer and replays as you play against one of the most intelligent AIs I’ve ever found in a game. I think that recommendation is more than enough. Or you can read this one I did on Steam. Seriously, it’s 75% off. The total price is $4.24. Get it. Now.
  3. TS 2014, Train Simulator: I’m going to cautiously recommend this game but give you guys a warning as well. It’s been a while since I’ve played it and latest reports say that there are a multitude of bugs in the game that aren’t getting fixed. This game does have an insane amount of DLC but you ARE NOT expected to buy it all. The base game on it’s own comes with plenty of trains and tracks to play with. If after playing all of those trains you want more, pick and choose which DLC you want and that’s it. Don’t try to get it all. Otherwise, it’s a fun game I should get back around to one of these days.

Warning and Caution on these Games:

  1. Nether: The game is on early access so unless you really want to BETA test it, wait for it to be released.
  2. Total War Shogun 2: The total war series has been plagued with bugs and a terrible AI. I believe Shogun 2 was considered the strongest entry into the series so you’ll want to do some research on it before you buy it.

Hope you enjoyed this post, more recommendations coming tomorrow!

Have a Merry Christmas!


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